Fav worm foods the easy way

by Rosemary Williams

I have found corn meal to be an easy food to feed my worms as it is very small for their mouths and easy to come by. I have tried carrot pieces, apple pieces and lettuce but they seem to like the cornmeal best.

I also put in egg shells and bell peppers, regular kitchen scraps cut up very small. I am a beginner so I appreciate all the advice I can get. Today I found the worms on a couple of balls, does that mean they are stressed?

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Apr 27, 2016
by: Debi

Cornmeal is a good supplement. Are you giving them used coffee grounds or fine sand? They need those to digest properly.

When you say you found them in "balls", does that mean on the food? If so, yes they are eating the food. If you're worms are not adults they will take longer to go through the chunks of food.

Some suggest that quickly running it through a food processor or blender can help speed up their ability to eat. But chopping it very small does help too.

Lots of info put their.
I relied on YouTube videos (very many) and then their is this wonderful site.

Hope this helped.

Aug 21, 2016
Carbon junkie
by: Debbie

In my compost pail that I keep by the sink, I start with a recycled (or a new one) gallon size zip lock. I then fill about half the bag with newspaper/cardboard (carbon). I do this to help eliminate odors.

Yes, my pail has the filters but carbon on top of the food or mixed with the food helps more.

I fill it up mixing the chopped up food scraps and coffee grounds with the carbon until it's full. I take this out, zip it up, and put it in the freezer.

It's usually a trade off, put a bag in and take a bag out. I have started grinding my egg shells in a coffee grinder I purchased at a rummage sale for .50 cents.

I use to crumble them up but always had to (you can just leave them) pick the remaining out of my castings and put them back on top to try again. TIME CONSUMING!

In addition to egg shells I now add minerals as suggested by Pauly. I use food grade DE, azomite, and oyster shell flour.

I put equal amounts of all these in a coffee tub and mix well. I use a 1/4 of a cup of this mixture with my feeding usually on top of the food. This I do for my two inside bins.

My outside bin is bottomless, with a metal grate to keep moles out, 55 gallon barrel. This barrel gets my smellier scraps, and larger pieces of cardboard and newspaper. This allows me to still recycle the scraps that take longer to process, such as onion, potato peels, watermelon rinds, etc.

Although I do give my inside bins the watermelon and cantaloupe rinds but cut them up better.

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