Pale Pinkish Ring?

by Janie
(Chattanooga TN)


My question is...what is making some of my worms have a pale pinkish ring on their bodies?

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Jul 16, 2013
Reproductive Organs On Worms
by: Pauly

Hi Janie,

I'm assuming that you're speaking of the thick band that appears not quite in the middle of the worm.

You'll notice, as you've said, not all of them have this that only the bigger ones posses this outer band.

This ring is called the saddle or its scientific name is called the "clitellum". It is only found on adult worms.

This is their sexual organ and although worm are hermaphrodites it still takes two to produce offspring.

You may find them in healthy bins or after a good rain coupled together in a juxtaposing manner.

They exchange sperm and the clitellum slips off the anterior end (over the mouth) and is deposited into the soil as a cocoon.

If you would like more detail then visit the anatomy page here:

worm reproduction

Thanks for the great question,

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