Worms on top

by Jordon
(Miami, FL)

Two months ago I started a worm farm with 1000 worms. I have noticed that a lot of worms group together at the top of my bin, just below the cardboard covering.

There seems to be plenty of worms beneath the surface, just wondering if the worms on top is normal?

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Jul 30, 2017
Plenty of Worms on Top of Bedding
by: Pauly

Hello Jordan,

You're doing it right! :)

This is ideal as composting worms are top dwellers/feeders.

If you have food/bedding much lower than the top and worms can't be found there, then it may be too wet or dry for their liking.

It's also possible that an unwanted pest may be lurking around underneath, but my guess is that you're doing it right and keep feeding only as much as the worms can keep up with.

Add a good balance of nitrogen and carbon, about 20:1 give or take. This is the perfect environment for the worms and keep the bedding moist by using a spray bottle.

You'll double your squirm in no time.
Thanks for the questions :)


Aug 13, 2017
Experimenting with a New Worm Supplement
by: Dr. T

Hi: I am a medical oncologist and have developed a supplement for patients with various malignancies based on physiological needs. See My Interesting Chapter:


Turns out I tried worm farming for my new garden and could not get the red wigglers moving or eating. I sprinkled the contents of a supplement capsule into the worm bedding and within a week the worms started ingesting feedings and dramatically increased their kinetic activity. This is a preliminary observation. However, if others are having problems with worm farming I would be happy to send them, at no charge, some supplement capsules to try if in return they report back the effects if any . If similar findings are reported I think such should be published in an appropriate Journal.

If interested contact me at glennmd@gmail.com.

Thank you.

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