Worms Clustered On Edges

by Karen

I have had a successful worm bin for 1 and 1/2 years. Now they all seem to be only on edges (worm factory 360). I let the top bin get a bit too full I think.

I added a new bin. The next morning they are trying to escape out the sides. There are literally thousands and thousands of healthy looking worms. What is wrong?

They seem to always be clumped on edges, very few in the center. Moisture seems right. I can't figure it out. Everything seems the same. The food is all getting eaten. If I were to guess, it would seem they need more oxygen. I shred toilet paper rolls for bedding. What do you think?



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Oct 10, 2014
Worm factory 360
by: Dale Robinson

After 1 1/2 years they might be overcrowded. I don't think the problem is oxygen related. The worm factory is the best aerated design next to my system. You may have some problems with overheating since you just started the new bin. I find the worms up against the side as an indicator that they are out of food or running from bad conditions.

You may have food available but not quite ready for them to consume. You can try pouring a quart of water through the worm factory to cool down the stuff that's hot or, you can remove some of the food and run it through a blender. After running it through the blender, mix it with shredded paper or coir to keep it from overheating. The worms will consume the blender fixings fast enough that they will not have a chance to heat up. If it does, pour some water through it to cool it down.

Be sure to leave the drain open so the water don't build up an make the bottom tray soggy.

Pouring water through a worm bin can become a problem real fast if you don't have proper drainage. The Worm Factory 360 has adequate drainage.

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