Worm Tea redemptions

by Lenny
(Bradenton Fl.)

Paul thank you for confirming my actions for the worm tea.

As soon I change the food for paper, the temperature dropped from 8o to 76. After two days it went from 76 to 73 it's looking good.
Thank you.

One more question please what's the lifetime for Worm castings? If I bag and put it on the shelf for sale or storage?



I wouldn't bag it unless you were going to ship the castings. I keep castings in a simple Rubbermaid container with holes for ventilating.

If you have a store, the best thing to do would be to scoop it out of the bin and weigh it as your customers purchase it.

I generate castings all-year-round and in the fall I begin to store it for use in the spring. So generally about a year as long as you keep it JUST moist and not wet and plenty of venting for oxygen.

Open the bin and stir the castings once per month or so if it seems dry then spray water with a spray bottle until the castings seem fluffy and moist.

I keep a few worms in the bin to keep it aerated and they will also keep refining the castings. when you use the castings then use the worms as well. Let them free :)

Hope this helps.

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