Worm Food Videos

Here you'll find many worm food videos to help give you an idea of the many food for worms that other people have tried.

There are not many foods that worms don't like but there are some things to avoid putting in the worm bin like dairy, spicy/hot plants, acidic plants, oils, and meats. I enjoy experimenting with a lot of different worm foods but I also like to implement it in different ways. I hope that this page will help to inspire you to explore new ways to feed your worms.

I hope that you'll also come back to the site to show us what YOUR worm food videos look like. Okay, Below are some great videos for worm food.

Pulp From Juicing

Juicing your fruits and vegetables is a great worm food source and I even do this. I found out a while back that worms crawl all over each other for the pulp that is left over from juicing. ONE THING I would recommend is freezing the pulp first.

Coconut Husks

Coco coir or coconut husks is an excellent source of carbon food for worms. It will also help to stimulate cocoon production .


Rabbit, horse, cow, goat etc... These are all great food for worms. The great thing about manure is that it already contains a high microbial community so you can never go wrong with manure. It's the the worms favorite food.

This is a great settup outside for feeding your worms manure

I always enjoy watching Bentley. He always seems to raise the bar, but this one is really different. It's his homemade manure.

Peat Moss, Manure & Kitchen scraps. A good worm food mix. Can't never go wrong with that stuff.

Fresh Veggies

He blends his veggies which is a great way for the worms to eat it up in less than two weeks. It's a fast way to get worm castings but be careful anytime you blend food for worms. Do in small amounts like in the video.

Too much will smother the worms and turn sour. He spreads it thin which is a good way to keep air flowing.

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