Worm Feeding

by Jack
(HB, California)

Is it best to mix the food with bedding when feeding my worms?

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Aug 07, 2016
Feeding Worms
by: Pauly

Hello Jack,

Just to be clear for those that might not know, I'll quote a couple of terms from my book, The Worm Farming Revolution...

Carbon - This is considered as browns like fall leaves, shredded paper, coco coir etc. It serves as the worms bedding to create air pockets for the increased circulation of oxygen throughout the system. It’s also food for the worms as it contains the carbohydrates needed for energy.

Nitrogen - This is considered the greens like fruits, vegetables, grains, fresh moist grass or foliage, etc. Nitrogen is rich in proteins and is the building blocks for creating tissue and new life and should only be added in modest amounts. It is generally the kitchen scraps that is also known as "food".

So, to answer your question...

It's all food to the worms, but mixing it all CAN be a gamble. Since I don't know many things about your system and your worm experience I would encourage you to treat the nitrogen like "worm food" and only add it in small areas of the bin under 2 to 3 inches of bedding.

You could also add it on top just under sheets of newsprint or cardboard.

If the food is mixed in with the bedding there's a potential risk of the the food becoming too acidic or other issues with the type of food you're using.

The worms may "revolt-and-bolt" or worse, they could die. The worm bin is a small system, compared to the outside world, and there's just nowhere for them to go in the event something gets out-of-hand.

Placing the food in small areas, pockets, or in one small area will allow the worms to eat immediately or later when it becomes more stable.

Usually there's no issue with the food and the worms begin eating it immediately. When you become more advanced and learn what your worms like you can then begin to mix it here and there.

Most people add in small areas except when it's manure which is a mix of nitrogen and carbon.

I hope this has been helpful Jack.

All the best,

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