Hi! Pauly.

I came across an article on the internet in which this person states that he has a sure fire 100% method of converting worm bedding into worm castings in 14 days.

Surely this is not correct?

I don't know what the method is as he wants you to buy book in which he explains this sure-fire method.

Kind regards.

South Africa.

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Jan 01, 2015
Making 14 day Worm Castings
by: Pauly

Hi Theo,

When it comes to composting there are so many ways to do it. That is why I really love to see how other people are turning there garbage into "gold".

With that being said, not all worm castings are created equal either. Some materials contain different nutrients than others.

Nitrogen will compost quicker than carbon and if I feed a liquid slurry it can be gone in a day or two (depending on the specie of worm). How long does it take to go from mouth to but? Not long.

However we're talking about converting worm bedding to worm castings in 14 days I believe.

Most proper worm bedding is a form of carbon and if you throw a bunch of coco coir, peat moss, etc... into a bin with worms it will take longer than 2 weeks to FULLY convert most of the carbon into castings.

If, say, the carbon was pre-inoculated with microbes and some molasses water a while and sat decomposing then I believe with enough worms attacking the bedding and proper moisture, air, & temperature then this may be possible.

But I have never done this before and to the credit of the individual have never purchased the book either. So his claim is his claim. I cannot argue.

I do tend to think that it wouldn't be composted as well as bedding that was left for 30 days. Bedding that looks thoroughly composted and ready for plants isn't really fully composted. It takes a very long time to even reach 99% VC.

The nutrients also just from bedding would not be as nutritious as a super food like manure, carbon & kitchen scraps all in one bin.

I'm not against using only bedding as food though. Some species don't care for kitchen scraps. But any worm castings is better than many things especially chem ferts.

But it depends on what your goals are and why you would just want bedding as Vermicastings (VC).

Here is a link that gives both sides of the story and a chance for the author to back his claim.
Link takes you to my friend Bentley Christy's Page.

Hope this helps you decide Theo,

Aug 25, 2018
14 Day Worm Castings
by: Anonymous

I would agree this would not work off the bedding material alone. I am actually the author of and went through trial and tribulations to figure this all out.

The bedding needs to be Michigan Black Peat... not your average peatmoss. At the same time we add three types of materials as a food supply mixed in the bedding.

This not only allows for high quality castings but also insures good growth an reproduction rates!


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