The World's Toughest Jobs

German TV station looks for the world's toughest jobs.

Is Worm Farming One of Them?

(as of 1-1-2018)

This was in 2014, but to my knowledge, they haven't run an episode culturing worms. They may still be looking for an outfit like yours. If so, read on.

I get a lot of interesting emails and this isn't the first time a television company has inquired about none other than...worms?

A London production company, in 2014, once inquired about wanting to film my family and I on our little mini farm with goats, chickens, a big garden and yes... worms too. However, that didn't work out too well but life goes on.

We, in the worm farming community, have long known of the benefits of utilizing worms for various purposes and vermicomposting has been around for a long time but it usually takes a generation for everyone to actually SEE the benefits and results of a proven method. It sometimes takes a little while longer to jump in and get their feet wet :)

Well this is your opportunity to jump in and to help educate, promote, and get other people's feet wet.

A German production company, The World's Toughest Jobs (BBC) emailed me wanting to know if I would hire a couple of German men with working visas for 3 weeks and possibly lead to employment.

After a few exchanges I was not a good match for their needs. Although I did tell them that I would reach out to you (the worm farming community) to help them find a worm grower that would want to help them with their TV show.

I jumped on this for a few reasons:

  1. It helps spread the word about the benefits of worm composting. DUH! Remember Mike Rowe with Dirty Jobs and the time he worked a day with a worm farming outfit? Well this could be YOU TOO!
  2. It helps get your business' name out there for people to buy your product.
  3. It would help employ a couple of hard working young men.

So if you would like to partake in this exciting adventure then please
Contact Me (no longer applicable) and I will hook you up with the person who is in charge of The World's Toughest Jobs TV Show :)

Read what was sent to me from the BBC below.

For many young people in Europe the lack of a real perspective makes it hard to build a future on their own. Living a life of relative leisure at home they have never learned to put themselves to hard work.

That Changes Now!

The new German television show “The World’s Toughest Jobs” gives two young people in need of a cash injection and with the will to turn their lives around the chance to change more than their bank balance.

They sign up for an adventure abroad to overcome their personal limits and make some serious cash - money that they really earned!
To make this happen we are searching worldwide for special and challenging jobs provided by companies like yourselves.

Extraordinary enterprises that are willing to give two young people the chance to change their lives by hiring them for at least three
weeks with the possibility of continued employment if desired by both parties.

Our show introduces all kinds of demanding jobs around the world, to show that hard work pays off for those who dare to try and make something of themselves.

How will the show be produced?

Two young Germans with working visas will be hired by your company and work for you for up to three weeks. They will be accompanied by
two cameramen with very little equipment, who will record their experience.

The work period should preferably be between August and December 2015. If you would like to learn more about the program please refer to our fact sheet below.

We can also provide you with material from the British show. The BBC
successfully aired the first season in 2014.

Thank you very much for your time and we hope that you are interested in joining in on our new adventure!

Best wishes,

Fact Sheet:

Channel: Kabel Eins (ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG)
Title: Die härtesten Jobs der Welt
First Broadcast: winter / spring 2016
Airtime: 8:15 pm (German primetime), duration 90 minutes
Episodes: 5- 6
Shooting period: August 2015 – December 2015
Shooting time: three weeks
Location: worldwide
Who: Two young adults aged 18-30 with the will to change their life.
Why: The job provided by your company can teach them accountability and help them to achieve and take charge of their lives.
When: During the time you employ your (seasonal) workers, for a minimum of three weeks uninterrupted.

Shooting: The two employees will be accompanied by two cameramen. Over the course of the three weeks the everyday work will be documented without interfering with events.
Benefits: Motivated young workers to contribute to your company´s production. Make a social impact by helping young people to ´grow up´. The opportunity to present your enterprise to an international audience.

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