Temperature rising

by Lenny
(Bradenton Fl.)

Pauly, I noticed that my temperature in one of my bin when up to 80 almost in the red.

I added some food yesterday and it was in between 70 and 80 in the yellow.

Notice this afternoon it was at 80 and threatening to go into the red.
So I removed some of the food I added and replaced it with shredded newspaper and shredded paper bags.

My other three bins are in the yellow between 70 and 80, I don't know where I went wrong with this one.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas?



Hey good job! You did the right thing Lenny. Most people starting out overfeed and add to much nitrogen-based foods like fruits and veggies.

This can cause high temps. Even un-composted manures can as well.

We have to remember what they're habitat is like. They feed mostly on dead grass, leaves, woody sources, aged manure, etc...

They seldom eat fruits that fall from trees and bushes or veggies from plants. So pulling out those nitrogen-based sources will bring the temp back down.

Adding mostly 20:1 or 40:1 C:N ratio will do best or hold off on nitrogen altogether and just give it to them once in a while as treats but no more than they can handle.


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