Super Veggies coloring Page

This is a free Super Veggies coloring page.

It's a printable coloring page for kids to help educate them and peak there interest in worms and gardening.

He's not Broccoli Obama. He's a


What can turn an ordinary veggie into an extraordinary veggie?

Worm Tea of course.

Worm Tea is full of the beneficial microbes and nutrients that plants depend on in order to yield big and bountiful fruit, to help it to grow deep roots, and to increase its ability to resist unwanted pests.

Look at it kind of like an energy drink for us. Sometimes when we drink the right things that are full of vitamins and minerals, along with exercise, we get a boost in energy and endorphins. It helps us grow, think, and be extraordinarily productive.

Super Veggies Coloring Page

Hello There! Mr Broccoli Extraodinaire
at your service

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By the way...Worm Tea makes for great water cooler conversations.

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