Rubbermaid Worm House Coloring Page

This is a free rubbermaid worm house coloring page.

It's a printable coloring page for kids to help educate them and peak there interest in worms.

Squirmin Vermin was lost but some kids helped him find his way back home in time for dinner. Now he's getting ready to enjoy a worm bath before he goes to bed. I'll bet you he'll sleep late the next morning. Cause he's a smart worm.

Rubbermaid Worm House Coloring Page

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Here is a sample of Raelynn (my daughter's) Rubbermaid worm house. She is a natural when it comes to coloring.

I know all you kids can do a great job at coloring but if you would like some suggestions on what colors to use then just look at the sample drawing my daughter colored.

Raelynn's Rubbermaid Drawing

Raelynn's Rubbermaid Drawing Coloring Page

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