Pauly taught me how to garden properly

by B

I've done a garden off and on for years. Naturally some years were better than others but I could never seem to get it quite right. Using typical chemical fertilizers and not always getting great results.

Years ago I started sharing a garden with my neighbor- He's always had a green thumb. We supply the neighborhood with herbs/vegetables so it's important to have a healthy garden.

A couple years ago our tomatoes were awful. That was it. I made the choice right then to go completely organic and finally figure how to garden properly.

Saw a video of Pauly making a soil mix and reached out to him. He was very helpful and offered his knowledge freely. After reading his book everything changed.

Proud to say I finally have a green thumb...all thanks to Pauly. He teaches you how to duplicate natures process and get great results.

We stopped using ALL chemical products and now have a completely organic garden that's nothing short of amazing.

Wow, what a transformation. Last year we grew tomatoes 5-6 inches in diameter and super juicy! Huge romas, peppers, onions, carrots, etc. The veggies were not just big but also tasted great.

All the plants were healthy and produced like crazy. Needless to say our neighborhood ate very well last year.

Can't thank you enough Pauly!!

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