No Liquid

by owen

I had a worm farm in taupo but since being in taradale there is no liquid produced. I take the lid off and it is all dry. There are little white worms which I thought were babies, are they a parasite?

I cannot work out what is wrong.

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Jan 12, 2015
White Worms in the Worm Bin and No Liquid
by: Pauly

Hello Owen,

The little white worms are usually pot worms. You didn't upload a picture so I'm not for sure but it's usually pot worms.

This is kind of puzzling though because pot worms are an indication that your bin is too wet and/or acidic.

The bin should be only moist which most of it will come from kitchen scraps if that's what you use. A lot of us keep a spray bottle of water handy to keep it moist on top and the water will work its way down.

But don't concern yourself with trying to get any leachate from the bottom. Your goal should be to not have any leachate. This will give you a good bedding and environment for the worms.

Let me know if this info helped you. If not then please ask more questions on this thread.

All the best Owen,

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