Newspaper bedding made with crosscut shredder

by Pat

I am about to start my first worm bin. The most convenient bedding material for me would be shredded newspaper.

I will be buying a shredder to make the process easier.

My all-purpose choice, because of better security, would be a crosscut shredder, which cuts paper into small confetti-like squares.

There are also strip cut shredders, which make long thin strips.

The strips seem like potentially better bedding material, since the squares would be more likely to pack down and matt.

Is this a serious concern or not?

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Jan 07, 2021
Newspaper bedding Made with Shredder
by: Pauly

Hi Pat,

Your Question, "Newspaper bedding made with shredder" is crosscut better than the "spaghettis" Strands for aeration?

The answer is no. Worm don't need very much oxygen air flow. They just need some ventilation. This goes for the beneficial microbes as well.

There will be plenty of methane and carbon gas being released to allow oxygen to flow through as long as you've given your worm bin system holes or access to vent the gasses.

When the gas flows out, Oxygen is pulled in.

As far as compaction, the worms do a very good job at turning the bedding and other material you place in.

Compaction can occur when too much bedding (carbon) or Kitchen scraps (nitrogen) get too high and not harvested soon enough.

Too much moisture can also compact the worm casting or worm compost. It should remain light fluffy and only moist.

Hope this helps,

Jan 08, 2021
shredding paper NEW
by: Dale Robinson

I've gone through several office type shredders and my take is that they don't last long enough to pay for themselves. Getting the paper wet and tearing it into strips will work pretty well.

I get most of my shredded paper from offices that shred their documents. When I need to shred my own stuff, I use a table saw. Gets pretty dusty but does it very quickly.

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