Mr Jones

by John Jones
(Jefferson City, MO)

Which species will tolerate the wettest conditions?

If I start with 5 pounds of worms how often and how many worms can I harvest for fish food? How many worm factories would I need for 5 pounds of worms? Will the worms do well fed mainly on hay?

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Jul 12, 2011
Best Fishing Worm from Compost
by: Pauly

Hello Mr. Jones,

If you are wanting to raise worms for fishing then I would suggest using the European Nightcrawler. It is bigger than the Red Wiggler and a prolific worm as well.

To answer your question about the what species would tolerate the wettest conditions? I do not believe that there is one, because with all redworms, they need to breathe. If the bedding is too wet the oxygen cannot move throughout the bedding to bring oxygen to the worm. The bedding should remain just moist enough to allow the microbes to break down the food properly, like a damp sponge.

A worm factory can hold anywhere from 8,000 - 12,000 red wiggler worms. That's up to 12 pounds of worms. Of course you will need extra trays.

You can harvest the worms at your discretion. I cannot tell you when to harvest them except when they are adults. That's when the clitellum or saddle (the thick ring or band around the worm) is fully developed or when it is visible.

The worms will double every 3 months if conditions are maintained properly. I can tell this. If you start with 5 pounds of Euros that's a lot of fishing worms. About 1,750 worms.

You will have to feed more than hay to the worms if you want them to double every 3 months. Hay does not provide enough proteins to properly maintain fast growth rates. Make sure you feed them rich diets if you are wanting to fatten them up like proteins, carbohydrates, fats. Chicken feed is good and bran and corn mixed in with your hay.

Hope that helps,

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