Life Saved by Diatomaceous Earth

by Barb LaBute
(Windsor, Ontario)

Three weeks ago I began ingesting diatomaceous earth 1tsp in morning in water on empty stomach. At the time I was a wreck and barely making it through day to day.

I purchased the diatomaceous earth to make a homemade toothpaste and it sat in my cupboard for nearly a month before I found out I could ingest it as it helps with inflammation.

The warnings didn't frighten me as I didn't have any health left to lose - it felt like I was dying.

Much to my surprise, my terrible depression lifted within days, my bowel disease no longer hurt and was healing! I haven't felt this good in a very long time and I'm no longer dying.

I also have noticed that I no longer have sugar cravings and my skin is clearing up.

This morning's shower I found a worm at my anus! Creepy but good to know it is working and must still be working to remove my parasites.

I told my doctor today (who wasn't looking so good himself) and he immediately looked it up and is considering using it himself.

At first I was angry that it was so hard to find because the doctors aren't looking for parasites unless you travel to other countries. I accidentally found D.E. and am very grateful. Now I'm just out to spread the news.

Thank you for letting people know.

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Nov 05, 2014
An Amazing Diatomaceous Earth Testimonial
by: Paul

Hi Barb,

This is absolutley one of the most amazing testimonies I have heard so far! I'm so glad you are doing much better and continue to see great results.

Such an amazing and wonderful story and thank you for sharing :)

Keep us posted please,

Jun 10, 2016
DE Cure!!!
by: Anonymous

I don't know where to start,If I wouldn't have started raising chickens I would have NEVER heard of DE.

I battled a rash on my face since I was 16 (40 now) it was not roscea, or lupus, then I started to get thrush really bad, even with no antibiotic use, also had ringworm, but then was so tired that I didn't want to even move, and felt sick to my stomach, I had no idea what was wrong, until I got thrush that wouldn't go away.

Stumbled upon DE for my birds, looked up candida treatments, and started with 1tsp DE in a shake and really felt better within days!

I am working on cutting sugars and eating right too. I have not felt this good since I was in my teens!

Jun 13, 2016
DE Cures Rash on Face?
by: Pauly

WoW! Thank you so much for sharing this testimony with us.

I am absolutely amazed at the stories that come in from people all over the world using Diatomaceous Earth. (Silica plus other trace minerals).

Life is very dependent on silica (and NOT so much on Sugar) ;)

Keep up the use and I'm so thankful for your post,

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