by Reba
(Oregon )

So, I'm i understanding that the less leachate that drains out is better? I have a three tier bin with the wire bottoms and have an extra tray below to catch any liquid ,I never see much liquid there.

I started with 1000 worms two months ago. How much liquid would you expect from this amount of worms?

I think I have a healthy home for them and they seem to be doing fine. Thanks

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May 28, 2018
Leachate at the bottom of a worm bin, less is more
by: Pauly

Hello Lisa,

The less leachate you have at the bottom of a worm bin, the more less likely your worms will drown (if the DO happen to go down there), the less likely other creatures will grow out of it, and the less odor it will emit.

Overall, the worms and microbes will remain more productive. If you DO have drainage at the bottom, it generally indicates you are adding too much high water-retention foods or you're spritzing the bin too frequently.

Bedding that is too wet will not do as well as bedding that is only moist to the touch.

Emulating nature is what we are wanting to do.

In nature, the most desired environment is just moist. This allows plenty of oxygen for microbial growth. The better microbial growth, the more productive the worms will be as they feed on a host of microbes.

The wetter the environment, the more anaerobic it becomes.

There are many things we could discuss, but this is pretty much one of the biggest reasons.

Hope this helps :)

May 29, 2018
by: Anonymous

Well,I must be doing something right because I really don't have drainage and they all seem doing well and happy.

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