I need to know if I can eat this de that says it has other oxides in it

by cheryl riddle
(van Buren, ar)

If it's safe then why does it say call poison control if swallowed?

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Nov 04, 2014
Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe to Eat?
by: Paul

Hi Cheryl,

I only recommend buying DE that is labeled "Food Grade" It must say Food Grade somewhere on the label.

I do not know where you bought your DE or what the label says. Stay away from Pest control DE labels like those at Home Depot or Lowes. There If it doesn't say food grade then it very well may be the pool filter type of DE. This is very harmful if swallowed.

I have a preferred list on my amazon ad for who to get the right kind of DE from.

You can also add a picture of the DE you bought so I know exactly what it says. Thanks for your question.


Nov 07, 2014
Caution for taking DE
by: Dale Robinson

DE contains micro nutrients that can be beneficial to anyone that has a deficiency. However, these are trace elements and should be treated as such. Ingesting to much of some of those elements can become hazardous to your health.

Taking a one time dose is one thing, but continuing to take a dose every day can cause an overdose of the trace elements.

One of the reasons that this kind of insecticide is so good at killing bugs is that the trace elements are poison in such large amounts that is present in their environment. The amount of trace elements that is safe for humans is too much for an insect. DE also has silicon in it which dries bugs out.

Nov 18, 2014
Food Grade DE
by: Thomas

I learned just recently (after learning about ingesting food-grade DE) that the type I bought St. Gabriel (red & white bag) was labeled as OMRI (organic) but did not say "Food Grade" on the label.

I was concerned and checked at the local co-op and organic garden center. I found that it was the same thing and was food-grade, though it is no longer listed on the label. It turned out that the older bags did have a "Food-Grade" sticker on them.

Dec 10, 2014
Buying DE Labeled Food Grade
by: Pauly

Hello Thomas,

They probably removed the "food grade" labeling due to liability issues with their insurance or just as a precaution.

However I am still more comfortable (even with the OMRI label) buying Diatomaceous Earth that has the approved Food Grade label on it.

The FDA has a special label for just that for those that use it in their animal feed and human for consumption.

Although the food grade label and the FDA certified label are still the exact same ingredients inside the bag of DE.

Using it with food or in a liquid at one teaspoon once to twice daily is a great way to get silica in the body for healthy bones, hair, nails, teeth and even building strong tissue.

Several people have been doing this for years and looking and feeling so much better. It's already in several things we eat but it's more desirable to take it alone as it works better this way.

I have been using it on myself and my animals for years. I read problems that other people have with their goats and chickens and we just don't have any issues due to the DE being in their food supply.

Tui Rose has a wonderful book called "Silica Savvy" with many testimonials and anecdotal.

Thanks for posting,

Jan 29, 2017
d earth
by: carol Kendrick

I bought st gabriel d earth it doesn't say food grade but also isn't the kind forpools is is safe for my dog to eat

Jan 30, 2017
by: Pauly

Hello Carol,

Please DO NOT give any Diatomaceous Earth to you or your animals unless the label reads Food Grade DE

Some may be safe and only contain DE, but you just don't want to take the risk. Some insecticides have Diatomaceous Earth as a main ingredient but can contain certain chemicals or other ingredients not safe for human or animal consumption.

Food Grade DE is rather cheap for the amount you get and Safe for consumption.

Thanks for your Question,

Jun 06, 2017
St.Gabriels Organics
by: Chanel

I have St.Gabriels Organics red and white bad with a "food grade " sticker on the bag is this safe for human consumption?

Oct 20, 2017
reason for no FOOD GRADE label
by: Dan

I have been ingesting st organics DE for almost a year and obviously I am still alive writing this here.

I am embarrassed to say that I just noticed the bag does NOT have food grade listed on it. I called the manufacturer today as I did a year ago.

They explained to me it is the same product that was sold when they used to have a "food grade" label on the bag.

they decided to remove the label due to FDA
issues and I inquired WHY?

The lady admitted to me that this DE product is processed on the in same machines that process other products MOT MEANT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Needless to say, I will be buying a different brand today on Amazon.

Sounds like this DE is not the dangerous POOL Grade BUT is processed with potential contamination.

GREAT! Have a nice day!

Oct 20, 2017
I Have a Recommended Distributor
by: Pauly

Hello Dan,

I have recommended a certain distributor for several years now.

Distributor Link below:
Buy Diatomaceous Earth

There is no difference between the "Food Grade" label and the 'FDA Label".

The FDA requires their label on it if it's going to be sold as food.

Sorry to hear you have not been using a food grade :(


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