How Can You Tell The Visual Difference Between Food and Non Food Grade DE

by Bob

I have a question and not a story. If you place non food DE beside Food grade DE can you see a actual difference?

If not then how can the two be identified, separately?

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Jul 23, 2013
Visual Difference Between Food Grade and Non Food Grade DE
by: Pauly

Hello Bob,

That's a really great question and it's extremely important to know should someone ever have food grade and non food grade in the same location and NOT labeled.

I've never used nor been around (to my knowledge) Non food grade Diatomaceous Earth, unless it's been in a swimming pool filter.

I'll tell you what my supplier has told me. "The non food grade Diatomaceous Earth is more coarse and has a different color to it."

Now they didn't tell me what color it is since the food grade is off to off white.

I would assume that since it is heated that the non food grade DE could be a little more crystal in appearance. Then again it could be on the slight yellowish-brownish earth tone.

If anyone knows the answer to the color please reply to this string and let us know.

You should always have the container labeled to be able to identify what substance is in a container or bag at all times.

This is just practicing good safety habits especially since the non food grade DE is more hazardous.

Thanks for the great question Bob,

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