Diatomaceous Earth in Chile (South America)

by Sergio Berger
(Santiago, Chile)


We need some advise in order to know if we can use the DE we use on animals (food suplement) in humans or is there any difference?

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Sep 28, 2012
Diatomaceous Earth in Chile: Answer
by: Pauly

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for your question. I want to stress first the importance, in which I'm sure you know already, the difference in food grade and non-food grade if at least for our readers here at the website.

1.Food grade DE is mined from ancient fresh water lake beds which is approved by the EPA and FDA (in USA)

2.Straight calcined (heated), mined from fresh and salt water, which is used as pool filters and beverage filters like beer, juices, and even oils.

3.Flux Calcined, (heated) treated differently, but like above for filtering.

So if the Label indicates that it is indeed "Food Grade" then it is not only safe for animals but people as well as it is already used world wide in grains and other foods that we ingest.

Thanks again for the DE question Sergio. I don't get many of those yet.


Jul 31, 2014
Por favor, ayudame!
by: Lauri

I live in Temuco & desperately need to buy some but can't get any response to know WHERE! Please help!!!

Aug 01, 2014
Diatomaceous Earth in Chile (South America)
by: Pauly

We are currently trying to build a diatomaceous earth buy/sell page so sellers and buyers can find each other all overt he world.

If anyone sells DE in Chile then let us know so others can find you.

I am sorry. I hope you find some soon.


Jan 08, 2016
Where can I buy Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade in Chile PLEASE!!
by: Anonymous

I have called and researched everywhere and cannot find anywhere that sells this product in Chile. It is SO good for my body and i´d like to know where to buy it. Please help.....Thank You

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