The First Real Diatomaceous Earth Book


The first ever Diatomaceous Earth book (DE Book) that's loaded with practical, all natural, and best of all 100% safe ways to get rid of pests in the home, garden, and farm for good while improving the health of people, animals, and plants.

This DE book, by Tui Rose, is a must read for everyone that deals with all types of insect pests, animal and human health issues, and poor plant nutrition.

Diatomaceous Earth Book

You can get this book but Tui's book below is much better.

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Silica Savvy Solutions
Silica Savvy Tui Rose Book

Tui Rose Does it again. Her book, Silica Savvy Solutions For Healthy Living, is by far the most comprehensive Diatomaceous Earth book on the market. She has proven that there are countless reasons for DE to become one of the next common & safest household products available.

I'm a worm farmer and even I found out how to use Diatomaceous Earth in my worm bins.

Have you ever wondered what Diatomaceous Earth is, how to use Diatomaceous Earth, wondered if it was safe and natural, or if you were the only one using this stuff? Well I have! 

I didn't think there was any DE book out there worth reading until now.

Tui Rose has taken a 15+ year journey down the dusty Diatomaceous Earth road to reveal over 101 uses of Diatomaceous Earth by commercial growers, gardeners, pet owners, homeowners, and farmers. You'll learn of the many tests performed by universities, Federal agencies, commercial and industrial facilities, geologists and people just like you and I.

You'll also read dozens of powerful testimonials from people all over the world that have benefited from DE.

Tui rose has years of research and personal use of this natural and safe insecticide. Below is a taste of what's covered in this one-of-a-kind Diatomaceous Earth book.

Tui Rose is a concerned mother and registered nurse who has spent 15 years writing and researching from 
experts in this field to provide the first ever practical guide book for the consumer on Diatomaceous Earth.

(Over 160+ pages)
Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips

  • Safer natural insecticide for homes, gardens, animals, birds,
    barns, farms, kennels, grains crops, schools, parks, etc. 
  • Learn what Diatomaceous Earth is, where it comes from, & how to use it.
  • Learn tools, application methods & recipes for applying Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Learn how to read labels correctly to choose the right kind of Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Learn how to identify and distinguish from unsuitable industrial filtering grades.
  • Learn about health risks linked to toxic chemical pesticides.
  • Discover eco-stories & anecdotal comments from all kinds of
    successful users of Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Find healthier &  more contented birds & animals:
    Diatomaceous Earth rids fleas, ticks, lice & parasites.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth as an animal feed additive for improved nutrition & health.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth in animal feed as an anti-caking agent for
    anti-clumping, easy flow & mixing.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth as a deodorizer on manure for drier mangers,
    barns, & stables for less flies.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth as a soil amender for clay soils for more
    porosity & supply 14 trace Minerals.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth for protecting & storing grains & seeds.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth to clean up oil spills.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth to clean & polish tarnished silver & copper.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth to dry leaves & flowers for arrangements.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth as a non-scratching soft scrub.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth to remove light scratches from vehicles.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth as a deodorizer in shoes, kitty litter, refrigerator, vacuum bags & garbage cans, etc.

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