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by Paula


When the worms die off in the worm bin or in a garden tower, do they need to be removed, or can they be left to stay and decompose naturally?

Thank you

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Nov 30, 2015
Should I Remove Dead Worms In A Worm Bin?
by: Pauly

Hello Paula,

That's a good question and the answer should come as good news to you or bad news depending on why your worms are dying :/

I'm thinking that your question is due to a few worms, here and there, just dying because of old age. This is typical in a worm bin.

If you find a dead worm or two or three once in a while then rest assured that nature will clean up what it left behind without any intervention on your part.

A worm bin contains many more beneficial organisms than just worms. You may have noticed small spider mites or springtails. Some people want to get rid of every organism in their worm bin except for the worms.

If the worms help break down the plant matter then what will break down the worms when they die?

Having a few beneficial "other" organisms in the worm bin is a must for a healthy system. Having too many mites or springtails etc, though can be counter productive and worms will feel overcrowded. They'll either attempt to leave or burrow deeper close to the bottom of the bin.

If you're finding 3 or more worms dead every day then that's a good sign that your system has problems assuming we're talking about a typical worm system and not a commercial C-F-T.

But the good news is that worms too must return to the ground and a few here and there will be beneficial to the soil and your castings.

Thanks for the question Paula.

Stay Worm Farming my Friend :)

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