D.E. Saves my Sanity (well maybe)

by Author Shonique
(Dayton, Ohio)

Before moving to Ohio, I believed Bed Bugs to simply be a child's story and bedtime rhyme. To my horror they invaded our home silently, without even bringing a gift or knocking on the door.

What to do? Well, we have dogs and are completely opposed to the over use of chemicals. In addition the cost of super heating the house was out of our budget. Thankfully we have the internet so time to research options and develop a war like strategy for complete annihilation of the invaders.

First we visited a local store stocking up on 90% alcohol for immediate, line of sight quick kill. Second line was the Diatomaceous Earth. Everything washable was washed and dried for long periods of time with the bedrooms being targeted as ground zero. You can find our strategy on the internet if you need as it was borrowed from others.

The bottom line is the D.E. is what completely decimated the bed bug population complete with any relatives considering our domain as a nice place to homestead.

That was over a year ago and we have seen absolutely no sign of their return. The goal was to burn fear into their very racial memory (line from the movie Avatar) regarding this section of land. The intensity of the war lasted 2 months and I continue keeping D.E. inside of wall sockets and under beds along with using it under the liners in the kitchen with no signs of unwanted kitchen creatures either.

I also use it 2 weeks before planning to give my dogs a bath. Keeping it away from their face it is brushed into their fur (deeply) and we have no signs of fleas in our pest free zone either. It is comforting not to use pesticides on our pets and they are happy about being flea free too (or I think they are).

Now that I have read your article regarding bees (I have been concerned about harming our beneficial bug population) I feel that it can be used responsibly in the garden too. Thank you for this information.

P.S. We recently had a neighbor call around midnight in terror asking to borrow our D.E. and teach them the art of war against bugs. We are pleased to announce they are also bug free, again.

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Sep 08, 2014
Diatomaceous Earth to the Rescue :)
by: Pauly

Hello Arthor,

WOW! that is an amazing testimony and I am so glad that you have BUG-FREE zone! and are keeping it that way.

The cool thing about your story is that it all happened over a year and you still have no bed bugs. So your testimony rings even louder.

Congratualtions on a bug-free zone and an insanity-free state of mind :) Thanks so much for sharing.


Sep 09, 2014
DE for a pest free worm farm.
by: Dale Robinson

I've had a lot of problems with flies of all kinds in my indoor worm farm.

I tried dusting around them but that did not seem to do much. I got a blower and blew the fine dust over the bins a couple of times and that really did the trick. The best thing is that you can breathe the stuff without any health risk.

We get new insect infested stuff in all the time so now we don't get very concerned with it. We just do the dusting and they all go away.

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