DE and my trip to Hawaii!

by Ali
(Easton, Maryland)

I had been taking DE in my juice for a while. So naturally I took it with me on my trip to Hawaii. I kept it double bagged in zip locks and even put a paper stating what it was in the bag, in case it looked suspicious to TSA.

Of course they stabbed the bag ten times, spewing the white powder all over the contents of my suitcase!

Anyway, while in Hawaii, we went kayaking on the ocean to a tiny island. While there, I got into a little pool, the size of a Jacuzzi, but much deeper. Then out of nowhere, a rogue wave rises up about twenty feet and knocks me around like a ping pong ball!

Miraculously, my head was spared.
There were small sea urchin tucked into nooks and crannies all over the walls of rough volcanic rock. I had lacerations all over and one good hit to the thigh produced a welt the size of a tennis ball.

Now here's the testimonial! Our guide was understandably worried. My leg was bleeding. He cleaned the wound and we set out to trek the four miles back to the mainland. But to his surprise, the bleeding stopped very quickly. He was amazed at the clotting ability of my blood! I can only attribute it to the DE!

I use it in and out of the house for insect control, as an abrasive for cleaning, in the shower as a facial scrub (perhaps not for those with dry or very sensitive skin), and in juice daily for over all health!

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