Compost Tea Videos

You should definitely watch the compost tea videos if you're making compost of any kind. Always remember to brew your compost tea or worm tea with material that is fully composted. Learn more on how to make worm tea here.

Compost tea can be made out of worm castings or from regular compost bins or piles. Although I do recommend making your compost tea out of worm castings.

Worm castings is extremely rich in tiny microorganisms which is what is found all throughout the gut of a worm. DO NOT mistake the liquid at the bottom of the worm bin for worm tea. This is called leachate. Get the story behind Leachate vs Worm Tea.

If you don't yet know what worm tea is then go check it out. It literally changed my gardening experience the first day I used it. Enjoy the compost tea videos.

Tea Videos

Alaska is the "land of the midnight sun" and that's why the plants grow so big up there right?..."NO!" says John Evans, inventor of Bountea. Tea made from compost.

Compost tea side effects...a good thing.

I always avoid store bought compost tea. I just don't see how they keep those little bugs alive inside the bottle without oxygen. I bought a bottle of worm tea once and used it on my plants and a week later they died.

This is a worm tea tutorial on how to set up a five gallon bucket using worm castings as the catalyst.

This is a video by 2 experts in the compost field showing the different types of tea composters. From commercial grade to the average gardener size.

This is a great video on the functions of compost tea and how to implement it. Bruce does an excellent job on giving an introduction to compost tea. Follow the links at YouTube to watch the rest or type in Bruce Deuley in the search.

Ever wondered what's lurking deep inside those worm castings. In this video Dan helps us go beyond the naked eye to see what a worm sees. (if they had eyes ; )
This is a video that only a worm farmer can truly appreciate. This comes from Dan of United States, Kansas. Thanks Dan!

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