Clear/Actionable steps to ensure success!

by Kristi Armes
(Bloomington, IN)

The late co-founder of Garden Tower Project (and my husband), Thomas Tlusty, first introduced me to Pauly and his common-sense approach to gardening. Thomas was eagerly looking forward to the next book and I was honored to get a copy to review in his place. True to form, Pauly once again created an outstanding easy to follow resource. Brown Thumb Green Thumb takes what most people think are complicated concepts on gardening and transforms them into easy to understand ideas.

Being passionate about helping everyone grow their own food naturally, I really appreciated the sections on soil biology and the role nutrients and minerals play in producing abundant and delicious produce. Most people overlook these vital factors and this book provides clear, actionable steps to make your gardening experience a success. The plethora of drawings and images helps as well!

Thomas was passionate about teaching the younger generation the importance of growing their own food, having healthy soil and the role nature plays at large. In Brown Thumb Green Thumb, Pauly provides a great resource for parents and kids to work together and get inspired to learn about the entire growing ecosystem.

If you are new to gardening, this is one of the best resources you could have to get started! If you are a more experienced gardener, I am sure there are some tips and tricks in this book that will further increase your success.

Kristi Armes, Garden Tower Project, LLC

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Brown Thumb Green Thumb Review
by: Pauly

What a wonderful review!

Thank you so much Kristi. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I do wish Thomas could have read it. He was very inspirational to me and played more of a part in the revolutionary awakening back to nature than he may have thought.

Your kind words are greatly appreciated. I hope it helps bring more people into the understanding of nature that Thomas and you have.

Thank you for your work and dedication at The Garden Tower Project. Keep his dream alive!

All the best,

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