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Curbside Composter

First Name: Derek
Last Name: Fry
E-Mail Address:
Web Site URL:

Street Address: E Washington Ave
City: Madison
State/Prov: Wisconsin
Zip/Postal Code: 53704
Country: USA

Phone: 608-338-4798

Buy Worms in Madison Wisconsin

Lakeshore Vermicomposting

Lakeshore Vermicomposting has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from Worm Farming Revealed. I had a great experience with their packing quality, delivery, and healthy worms. This vendor is Totally approved.

Bill has been in the worm farming industry for several years and has great customer service. He's now very busy with customers, so head over quickly! You will be very happy ~Pauly

First Name: Bill
Last Name: Jacobson

Web Site URL:
E-Mail Address:


Street Address: 9006 Tannery Rd
City: Two Rivers
State/Prov: WI
Zip/Postal Code: 54241
Country: USA

Fax: 920-553-3744

Phone: 920-905-1114

At Lakeshore Vermicomposting we produce excellent quality worm castings and also sell Red Wigglers and European Night Crawlers as well as a mix of the  two worms which is what we use to do all of our commercial vermicomposting.

Please visit our Facebook page and check out the reviews and message me there if you are interested in purchasing worms or castings.

Buy Worms in Two Rivers Wisconsin

Wisconsin Worm Farm

First Name: Dan
Last Name: Corbin
E-Mail Address:
Web Site URL:
Street Address: 2155 E. Preston Drive
City: Richland Center
State/Prov: Wisconsin
Zip/Postal Code: 53581
Country: United States

Business Phone: 6086472008
Phone: 6086472008

Hello, If you might need help sometime with a large red worms order, I can help?  Fifty to one hundred pound order of red worms is no problem for me.

Dan Corbin-owner
Wisconsin Worm Farm

Buy Worms in Richland Center Wisconsin

Carney's Crawlers LLC

First Name: Brian
Last Name: Carney
E-Mail Address:
Web Site URL:
Street Address: 1008 RANDOLPH DRIVE
City: Appleton
State/Prov: Wisconsin
Zip/Postal Code: 54913
Country: United States

Business Phone: 920-843-8558

Carney's Crawlers specializes in raising and selling African Nightcrawlers, as well as high quality worm castings. Please contact me if we can be of assistance.

Buy Worms in Appleton Wisconsin

Mother Dirt Collective

First Name: Penny
Last Name: VanTassel
E-Mail Address:
Web Site URL:
Street Address: 9411 County Road WW
City: Wisconsin Rapids
State/Prov: Wisconsin
Zip/Postal Code: 54494
Country: United States

Business Phone: 1-715-421-1220

We Sell:

  • Red Wigglers
  • Vermicast 1 gallon
  • Compost

Buy Worms in Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin

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