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Wormlandia Ranch

First Name: Air
Last Name: Kierulf
E-Mail Address:

City: Petersburg
State/Prov: Virginia
Zip/Postal Code: 23803
Country: USA

Business Phone: (804) 505-0019


Since 2011, Wormlandia Ranch has raised Red Worm Warriors (Our specialty brand of #EisteniaFetida #CompostingWorms #RedWorms #RedWigglers) exclusively.

As a result of our hard work and dedication, we are offering you extremely healthy, vibrant composting worms for sale.


Our unique brand of Red Worm Warriors ARE:

  1. Authentically Eisenia Fetida (not mixed with European or Canadian breeds)
  2. Small, red, specialty worms that are our SUPERHEROES of COMPOSTING™
  3. Raised in ideal conditions that help them consume the appropriate amounts of food scraps to foster mating and multiplying.
  4. Fed 100% organic diet (food scraps from organic certified fruits & vegetables, grains, leaves, clippings, etc.)
  5. Best used for composting food scraps or feed for turtles, lizards, chickens, fish in captivity, etc.
  6. Hand picked



You meet in person with our lead worm wrangler, Air, in the main lobby of the Science Museum of Virginia (2500 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220) between the hours of 1pm and 3pm on Saturdays (when museum is open).

Once purchase is made, a scheduling link will be sent out to you to set an appointment during those hours.

**We do not meet for delivery without receiving payment first. No exceptions.

Please contact Air Kierulf via for purchase inquiries and shipping options, if necessary.

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