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Southern Colorado Vermiculture

First Name:
Tami or Kerry
Last Name:

E-Mail Address:

Street Address:
PO box 451
Zip/Postal Code:

Business Phone: 580.352.2316
Phone: 801.564.3580

We raise super worms, red worms, and night crawlers by the pound or by the cup.  We will hand deliver within reasonable driving distance.

Innovative Organics LLC

First Name: Victor
Last Name: Restrepo

Street Address: 4444 Morrison Rd Unit J
City: Denver
State/Prov: CO
Zip/Postal Code: 80219
Country: USA


Fax: 800.508.1861
Business Phone: 800.508.1856
Phone: 720.939.0377

We operate the largest vermiculture facility in Colorado.  We only feed fresh fruit, veggies, and untreated pine dust, never manure! 

We offer red wiggler worms, vermicompost, castings, as well as a variety of cutting edge products.

We have a team of biologists and horticulture experts on site, ready to help you with all of your needs.

Coming Soon: 

We will be breaking ground on the first industrial scale Bokashi fermentation/ Vermiculture combo operation in the country!

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