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Rocky Bait Line

First Name: Jody
Last Name: Berdahl
E-Mail Address:

Street Address: 61048 twp rd 40-2
City: Rocky Mountain House
State/Prov: Alberta
Zip/Postal Code: T4T2A1
Country: Canada

Business Phone: 403-396-4416
Phone: 587-851-0716

We grow our own Euros Meal worms as well as seasonally farm our blue bottle fly larvae when it cools off for reproduction. We still have an excellent supply for year round products.

We operate a Wholesale Fishing Bait and Tackle Distribution Company and offer many products  along with Live & Frozen Baits Fishing Lures and Tackle, Outdoor Gear, Camping Supplies, Knives, Tools, Automotive/Electronic/Mobile Accessories, Airsoft and Pellet Guns and more.

Go Green Junk Removal

First Name: Holly
Last Name: Orleski
E-Mail Address:
Web Site URL:

Street Address: 26 23012 TWP 521
City: Sherwood Park
State/Prov: Alberta
Zip/Postal Code: T8B 1K2
Country: Canada

Business Phone: 7802896357
Phone: 7802896357

We Sell

  1. Red Wiggler Worms 
  2. Worm Castings
  3. Compost

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