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Let me discuss WHY you should list your worm business in the WFR Buy Worms Locally Directory 

I’ve been conducting a small research on the pages I’ve built for worm businesses listed in the:

Worm Farming Revealed Worm Grower Directory

If you are listed under the keyword “buy worms in (your state/country)” then you’re listed on the first page, and in 90% of the results, at the very tippy-top of the very first page.

If you type “Buy Worms in California” you’ll find over 20 million search results for this keyword phrase. If you live in California, and you’re listed with Worm Farming Revealed, you’ve beat out other worm business competitors using that keyword or similar key phrases.

Now, do your own keyword search for your state, country, or province and you’ll find WFR has beat out millions of search results to be at the top of the top IF a worm grower is listed with us. If you don't see it in the search results, chances are I recently built that listing.

Hint: Make sure you sign out of Google or go "incognito" before searching.

The cool thing is, most of these listed pages have very few words on them. Usually a web page needs to have a lot of great content to list well. Since WFR has been writing quality content honestly and fundamentally correct since 2010 (and really since the late 90s) it’s gained a lot of credibility with Google and even with the Alexa Ranking Tool (a web statistic engine that is used by all the the other web statistical engines) created by Amazon since 1996.

If your website is doing well with Alexa, you're building credibility with the world.

And if you have a worm business web page and WFR links to your secure website, that also builds your credibility.

Even the keyword “Buy Worms” is on the first page for WFR and these are among my most popular pages in my own web stats.

So, if you’re not listed in the FREE WFR directory, you’re losing money to your competitors.

The reason I started these pages was because customers are looking to buy worms locally to avoid shipping costs. However, many times customers end up shipping them locally anyway. It’s also a chance for you to up sell them at that time or in the future.

So why am I offering this for free?

  • It brings visitors to my website
  • Gives me the ability to offer them my free guide, books, and other related products and whatever else
  • Gets any support I can get from them

I know I’ve lost them to you but at least I had a chance to make an impact in their life in some way, AND they’ll probably be back at some point.

If you ARE already getting people from my directory, you may not even know it because you don’t have some kind of system set in place to monitor your sales traffic.

This is when you simply ask your customer or potential customer where they came from and they’ll gladly tell you they came from WFR Buy Worms Locally Directory or other.

I would also add that if I know you personally and your quality of service or I know that your reputation is positively ubiquitous, I add WFR's Seal of Approval to your buy worms locally listing to help you get the click.

So, if you have a worm business or are getting ready to sell worms, then,

  • Sign up below
  • Get listed in the WFR Directory, and 

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