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Alabama Jumpers 
(Amynthus gracilus)

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$85 for 1,000 count


The supplier I use for the Alabama Jumpers has past away :( 

I am very sorry for the inconvenience as I have several customers that rely on me for the supply of worms. This came as a huge surprise and inconvenience to me as well. 

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More Jumper Info

  • Alabama Jumpers are harvested by hand from Alabama. They are TRUE Jumpers. As long as there is plenty of moist, decaying matter (mostly in carbon form or manure) added on top of the soil they will plow and bulldoze through your ugly clay and sandy soil.
  • Also a great Fishing worm due to it's liveliness and ability to stay on the hook. It is a very meaty worm. This would explain why it's able to tunnel through the clay so well by using its muscular power.
  • They can reach sizes of up to 7 inches but this depends on many variables and what you feed them.
  • Jumpers grow best outside of a worm bin when they can have the freedom to roam around, dig, and just do their thing. They are not typically cultured in a worm system (covered in the eBook). I'm not saying it can't be done, you will just have better results outside.
  • AJ's are harvested by volume and sometimes worm count may be a bit under or over due to different sizes of adults and juveniles.
  • They are a pricey worm because they are harvest by hand in the wild all-year-round when conditions are favorable to do so.
  • Once the order is shipped I cannot change or stop your order. You are responsible for them once you receive them. This is the standard in the industry.

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Always Remember!

You can try your luck somewhere else.

I hear it all of the time, "Pauly, I should have spent a few extra dollars for quality worms. Mine arrived sick, dehydrated, smelly or even dead."

You can find cheaper worms somewhere else, but those that have ordered through me can definitely tell the difference. Other sites will also have a guarantee and will ship you another batch but you then have to wait ANOTHER week.

Your worms will arrive alive, healthy and ready to start working for you the second you open the box. I and several other people have ordered worms from cheaper suppliers only to discover them dead or sick looking and this will impede your composting process right from the start.

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