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Buy composting worms through WFR. 

I'm not currently selling Worms. However, I have diligently sought after a worm supplier that shares the same values, quality of worms, and excellent service as I do.

If you've trusted all the information on my website and in my worm and gardening books, then you will love the service of my partnering supplier. 

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When You Buy Composting Worms, this is what you should expect 

Red Wigglers 
(Eisenia fetida)

Red WigglersRed Wigglers

Red wigglers are by far the most popular composting worm around. They can consume large amounts food per day under optimal conditions.

1 lb. of red wigglers will give lots of castings for your lawn, garden or plants. They'll continue to breed and populate and double triple, etc. throughout the months. Get these little guys for your worm farm today! 

Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures. Very prolific!

800-1,000 worms per 1lb.

European Nightcrawlers 
(Eisenia hortensis)

European Nightcrawlers

This is a larger cousin to the red wiggler.

It's a good composting worm and good for feeding chickens, reptiles and fish.

Can be used for fishing. Not as big as the Canadian Nightcrawlers. 

Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures.

Prolific breeders. Great for Pet food too.

300-400 worms per 1lb.

African Nightcrawlers 
(Eudrilus  eugeniae)

These worms are heat tolerant!

Larger than the red wiggler, but smaller than the Canadian .

Good composting worm.

Good feed for animals and going fishing.

Good breeders.

*Not advised to raise unless you have a warm climate or can provide  constant temps from 70* F and up.

About 300-350 worms per lb.

Always Remember!

You can try your luck somewhere else.

I hear it all of the time, "Pauly, I should have spent a few extra dollars for quality worms. Mine arrived sick, dehydrated, smelly or even dead."

You can find cheaper worms somewhere else, but those that have ordered through me can definitely tell the difference. Other sites will also have a guarantee and will ship you another batch but you then have to wait ANOTHER week.

Your worms will arrive alive, healthy and ready to start working for you the second you open the box. I and several other people have ordered worms from cheaper suppliers only to discover them dead or sick looking and this will impede your composting process right from the start.

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