Brown Thumb Green Thumb had info I never thought about before

I never knew carbon played such a big role in the way plants grow. The photosynthesis chapter really helped me to understand what's going on inside the plants, leafs, and soil, especially when applying the tea. I love seeing all the pictures. It helped me to visualize what you were refering to.

I've purchased your Revolution book too. I think its the worming book. You are very entertaining and I hope to see the Screenplay out soon.

I will definitely referernce to this book often as I grown this spring and summer, then refeingr to it again over the winter to help improve my growing ability.

Thanks Pauly,

Oh, P.S.
It's definitely worth the $9.95. If you're thinking about getting this, Pauly's experience is very detailed and applicable to many different gardening methods. Again, very easy to read AND entertaining too ;)

Thanks BRO!

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