by Arlene Montemarano

Five years ago, we realized we had them and freaked out. I freaked out more when I realized that Pest Control companies would drench our living quarters with poisons. It was easily a month, (an awful month) before we tried this.

This is what we did instead. Successfully.

We stripped and washed everything from the bed. We inserted all nine legs of the bed (king) into large plastic drinking cups filled with something called Diatomaceous Earth. ($11 at Strosniders). Bedbugs cannot jump, nor can they fly. So we wanted to isolate our bed from them.

When we put the legs in the DE filled cups, we also moved the bed away from the wall. No bedskirts or anything touching the bed. We never put anything on the bed that came from another surface. Then we put DE between the box spring and mattress, rubbing it into the little seams.

We put it on every horizontal surface.

The whole time we wore masks and goggles, because DE kills the bugs because it is composed of tiny sharp shells, and it is bad for our eyes and mucous membranes when applying it. But once it is in place it is completely non-toxic to us and lasts forever.

Then we spread Vaseline on all vertical surfaces. Lastly, we put fly paper all around the perimeter of the bed with straight pins. (couple dollars at Strosniders).

Believe it or not that did it. A bit of trouble, but it was the end of our misery and now it has been five years.

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Oct 31, 2014
Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bedbugs Testimonial
by: Paul

Another awesome Diatomaceous Earth testimonial. Thank you so much Arlene for your story. One day DE will be a household product not necessarily located with the "other" chemical products.

How cool! I can hear you now shouting just like in the movie "Braveheart" WE'RE BUG FREE!!!!

Thanks again Arlene for sharing with us,

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