Are Worm Farming Worms Different From Other Worms?

by Nancy
(Bay Area, California USA)

My worms are much so that I have too many. Is it alright if I put some of the worms into my regular composting bins as well as my garden?

Are worm farming worms different from other worms? And if so, how?

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Sep 02, 2012
Are Worm Farming Worms Different From Other Worms?
by: Pauly

Hi There Nancy,

Yes it is okay to put some of your worms into your composting bins "As-Long-As"

1.It's not one of those compost tumblers. They will surely die if you toss them into Hell's "Tilt-O-Whirl. It's just to stink'n HOT!

2.Your outside compost bin has already cooled off below 85 Degrees F. They will continue to digest and feed on the organisms(thermophiles)that have broken down the food during the high temps.

3.Make sure that your outside compost piles or bins have plenty of room for the worms to get away from:

A. Heat
B. Predators
C. Excess Moisture (mainly flooding)
D. That's all I can think of right now

Your next question was "Are worm farming worms different from other worms?"

Yes! Let me explain quickly.

Worm farming worms are also called "composting worms" because they aid in the decomposition of dead organics. They only live in rich, dead vegetation found in thin layers of plant life on the floor of the forest or in manure piles or patties.

Other worms like Earthworms such as the "Nightcrawler" can burrow deep into the ground feeding on dead matter like the composting worm but they cannot tolerate a wide temperature range like the composting worm.

That is why the composting worm such as the "red wiggler" lives on top of the Earth's surface. Each critter has it's purpose in the soil food web.

To get a better understanding go to

Thanks Nancy and all the best,

P.S. You will lose some of your composting worms during the hard winter months. Some that find a heat source and their cocoons will survive.

You can add materials to the compost throughout the winter that you know will heat up during composition like starches and they will stay warm and cozy.

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