Amount of Compost With 100k Worms

by Haki


What is the total amount of compost monthly with 100k worms?

The minimum and maximum amount?

Thanks in advance

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Nov 11, 2014
Amount of Compost Monthly for Worms
by: Pauly

Hello Haki,

Easy question, not so easy answer :)

Hypothetically speaking, if the worms lived in a perfect world with unicorns dancing on rainbows LoL :)

Then the worms would eat their weight in food everyday. If 1,000 worms (Red Wigglers or Eisenia Fetida) = 1 lb. then...

100,000 worms = 100 lbs. PER DAY!
That's 3,000 pounds per month or 1.5 tons.

But there are many variables that come into play since worms do not live in a perfect world and these variables change frequently.

Moisture, Temperature, Light, Food, Ventilation, disturbances, Pressures, etc... If any of these conditions are off then they will not eat their weight in food everyday.

Most Vermicomposters will agree that their worms do not eat their weight in food daily but eating half their weight in food is a more likely scenario.

You may have days or even seasons where they eat their weight everyday and then some days that they eat very little. That is why I give it an overall "half-weight" scenario.

Red wigglers are very good eaters and giving them foods that are in the form of liquids and you might even see them eating more than their weight in food daily.

So realistically I am safe in saying that 100,000 worms will give you 50 lbs daily or 1,500 lbs. monthly in worm castings.

Moisture will also be a factor as the worm castings start to dry.

Hope this helps Haki,

Nov 12, 2014
Amount of worm castings..
by: Dale Robinson

It is hard to estimate how much worm castings will be produced with 1,000 worms because the weight is more a factor than numbers and the water content is different.

A pound of worms may consume 1/2 to 1 pound of food per day but the amount of castings produced will be much less than that.

Consider that a pound of food will contain on average 70% water and castings will contain about 20% water. The conversion from food to castings also uses up some of the food in the form of growth and expended energy from the worms moving through the medium.

Realistically, a pound of worms will produce about 10 pounds of castings from fresh produce each month. If you are using straight composted cow manure the amount will be much higher because the food is almost to the casting condition to start with.

Nov 12, 2014
Questions :)
by: Haki

Thanks for your answer..Do you have an idea about the amount of worms with 100000 :) What would the number of worms will be after a month can them be 200000 for a month interval and for a year interval ?? And is there any adaptation process to start getting compost at the beginning?

Nov 13, 2014
by: Mr. Backyard

Red wiggler worms can double their population in 90 days with good conditions. With great conditions they can do even better. Check out this blog for an idea as to how fast they can really go.

Nov 18, 2014
Questions :)
by: Anonymous

Guys what can we say about "vermicompost tea" ? How much can we get with 100K worms ? As far as I read there are lots of nutritients on it and it is more valuable..Am I right?

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