A word of caution: Diatomaceous Earth lowers blood pressure

by Jamie
(Enid, Oklahoma)

Just a quick note. I bought some of the Diatomaceous Earth for the great health benefits, but found out quickly, that I cannot take it, sadly.

I already have low blood pressure and it dropped it even more. I am working on trying to get it higher. It's hard to do that, actually. Harder than one would think.

Anyway, I am really disappointed by this, because I need the benefits, just like everyone else.

I just wanted to let people know, to confirm that it does indeed lower blood pressure, so be careful if that is an issue.

Sincerely, Jamie

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Feb 05, 2013
Raising Blood Pressure
by: Pauly

Thanks Jamie,

My wife and I have been huge promoters of coconut oil years now and we buy it by the 5 gallon bucket.

My point is that somewhere I read (long time ago) that coconut oil raises your blood pressure and lowers it as well. Mainly, it's a regulator.

I introduced the oil to a friend of mine that had high cholesterol and it lowered it around 200 points in 1 month. She used it as I had recommended.

I wish I could remember where I read the article but I'm sure you can find it with a little Googling.

Here's a great link if you'd like:

We absolutely love the taste as it makes everything taste so much better without the trans-fatty acids and heavy oily feeling you get in your stomach.

I wonder if you had stayed on the DE if it eventually would have raised your blood pressure as it is only a mineral vital to our bodies.

I think too many people take too much at once. The body really can't handle much more than 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per serving.

If you ever want to try it again I would recommend taking small amounts. At least you would be getting the vital mineral in your system but it is also good to err on the side of caution and do what your doctor recommends (in theory).

all the Best,

Oct 05, 2013
diamaceous earth
by: Anonymous

Really would like to know where to buy diamaceous earth around cape town?

Mar 08, 2016
Benefits of for those with Low Blood Pressure
by: Anonymous

I saw how this has helped my canine family member, who is recovering from chemical oral flea product. I cannot believe the difference that food grade diatomaceous earth has made.

I want some of these benefits... his human companion!

My advice I seek is for protocol if taking this if I have low blood pressure. Typically between 90/57 -105/60 range. I am starting myself on 1/4 teaspoon a day, and am hoping the dip to BP won't be much and then it will level out.

If it dips I may back off to 1/8 teaspoon daily. Is this best in water? With food/mixed in?

How low should I start (1/8? 1/4teaspoon?) , and when do you imagine the effects of that low start (1/4 t a day) will level out?

The benefits may have helped us avoid further decline of my dog, as he had stopped eating, and within 12 hours time began to respond on only 1 teaspoon given initially for the first week!!!

We lost one special soul, to oral flea product use. I cannot believe I had not known of this and the benefits earlier. What a difference, by next day he was eating unassisted, Three weeks later I do not even have to spike his (BARF) raw food.

I suppose the main question here is when do others starting out slow, see a leveling off response?

Mar 09, 2016
Diatomaceous Earth Oral Dosage for Humans
by: Pauly

Hello Anonymous,

That's such a great testimonial about your dog. Thanks you for sharing with us.

I would take the Diatomaceous Earth at least as much as a teaspoon once per day and then increasing it from there after one week.

You can work your way up to 1 tablespoon twice per day or much less, like two teaspoons per day.

Personally I think one tablespoon twice daily is a reasonable amount of silica to get into your body. some have noticed constipation while others have noticed diphtheria.

This is probably because, whatever is going on in your body, needs to adjust to the good silica it's getting. Your body is healing itself at this point.

After a couple of weeks it should normalize. You may not notice any difference at all. It seems like taking it with plain water is best for getting rid of internal parasites, but not crucial.

I think the best way to get it into your body is with a smoothie. This helps suspend the silica crystals so you don't need to keep stirring or get all of the silica at the bottom.

But you can take it many different ways including in your cereal or baking with bread etc.

I would be concerned about your blood pressure too much when using DE because it's just a mineral.

I hope you have great outcomes with the DE.

All the best,

I am not a doctor or pharmacist. Please consult one before taking DE. Use Diatomaceous Earth at your own risk.

Sorry to have to say that, but it's just a legal thing I have to say and I would still have to say it for taking water for any ailments even (Ha!) ;)

Oct 07, 2016
Low blood pressure problem
by: Sherry

Jaime, I work with a lot of people that have many diseases including low and high blood pressure. One of the biggest things you can do is carry sea salt with you if have low bp greasy to even put under your tongue.

Never buy the cheap,unlabeled kinds.

I have so many sea salt 9testimonies even with topical use on tumors going away. One where I literally thought this guy was going to die. He had high bilirubin count on liver, yellow jaundice issues they wanted to biopsy him and falling over at the drop of a pin because he was so low blood pressure and the wife had edema on her ankles and ulcers.

Asked them if they had high blood pressure? They said no and got them both on the sea salt.

In 2 days her ankles were so thin and he never had to have the liver biopsy and stopped falling over.

After doing sea salt what they had their sodium checked and it was still in the toilet. Massive doctor bills with all going on in their bodies. I am trying to break that lie.

Are you aware hospitals hook you up to saline SODIUM bags of different kind of sodium?

See, regular pulverized table salt is not the same because of the processing it becomes bad for you. Get yourself a blood pressure tester and monitor.

I just went into a sauna and I come from a very dried up past. See when you're dried up and/or diseased you lose your electrolytes/minerals and you technically become more toxic and you domino into another and another illness, doctor after doctor, drugs that dry you more and more. I share from experience.

Educate yourself and always consult your doctor. Ask him how come then do the hospitals give you sodium liquid and then you feel better.

Make soups with lot if sea salt. High blood pressure people need minerals to but have to be more moderate, watch their pressure.

DE is cheap and wonderful to hemp lower high bp and blessedminerals.com are amazing.

So then you take something that also helps blood pressure you could be lowering it so it's a catch-22 gotta know what you're doing. Once you get your levels up you'll be able to do the DE, which I tell everyone about. But you'll have to stay faithful.

I had to almost die to learn this and God screamed out the word Sea Salt.

I had kicked salt out of my life ended up with a profuse thyroid condition, obstructive sleep apnea, couldn't sleep but had chronic fatigue, full body edema from head to toe, long hair falling out and breaking, flaky dry skin, bowel/bladder issues and my twin said you look like the Pillsbury dough boy and I'm taking you in.

I do have tasteless minerals that also work.

Remember God made us from the Minerals from ocean sea salt in the eat the soil and Water. You need both and we absolutely do not get in our foods today.

Hope this helps be blessed and the tasteless minerals I've ever found are at www.blessedminerals.com

Oct 17, 2016
Sea salt
by: Jamie

Thank you Sherry, for your message! =) I just happened to see your message. I miss a lot of emails because I get so many health ones!

I HAVE used sea salt before, but stopped for awhile, because it didn't have iodine in it. I DO have iodine capsules though, that I got for supplementation. I also use Himalayan salt, for it's many health benefits. But it doesn't raise my BP.

So you are saying that sea salt has helped with multiple physical issues, both for you and those around you? That's great. =) I will keep at it.


Oct 17, 2016
Coconut oil
by: Jamie

Thank you for the info, Pauly! I am JUST now seeing it from my email! I know, right? I saw a reply from here, mentioned in an email and saw all the others too.

I DO eat coconut oil and cook with it. I don't take in as much as you mentioned, but I will try to step it up. So you are saying it's an adaptogen? I know that some can't take a lot at one time for awhile, because the body does a detox and those toxins mess with the person...for awhile, til it's finished.

Thanks again for your info!

I would also like to try bentonite calcium clay. I've read good things about that.

Mar 13, 2017
low blood pressure from DE
by: Anonymous

I have been taking DE for a couple of years but stopped for about 6 mos and started taking it again a couple of months ago. I have started having low blood pressure symptoms and fluttering. I am thinking it is in response of taking the DE. If so, how long does it take to readjust your BP?

Apr 20, 2017
It did lower my blood pressure, a lot!
by: Anonymous

I have low blood pressure and started taking DE at 1/8 teaspoon daily and by day 4, I nearly fainted and broke up in heavy cold sweats. I didn't realize it was the DE until day 6 in which I had another episode and dis some research on it. Sadly it seems that I can't benefit from it.

May 09, 2017
Diatomaceous Earth and Low Blood Pressure
by: Pauly

Thank you everyone for your input on Diatomaceous Earth and Low Blood Pressure.

Although anecdotal, there seems to be a consensus on this issue. I will certainly be aware of this in the future.


Mar 17, 2018
Starting it Today
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for these comments. They have been very helpful. I have extremely high blood pressure, it runs in my family on my fathers side. I take a variety of supplements, have nothing has lowered my bp dramatically. I sometimes get readings of 200/100. I started DE today, at 1 tsp per day, and am moving up to 1 tbsp per day in a week, then 2.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it works on my bp, and will let you know.

If you're interested, this woman has been on DE for over a year and a half, and has documented her experience in great detail. This is the first of her videos if you want to check it out. She's very entertaining to watch, and very informative.



Mar 18, 2018
Diatomaceous Earth Lowers Blood Pressure
by: Pauly

Hey Lance,

AWESOME! Thanks for including us in your journey and please keep us posted :)


Mar 18, 2018
Re: Lower Blood Pressure People
by: Sherry

Take a Good Sea Salt that lists the breakdown. Test your blood pressure if you normally run low before you take the DE and Sea Salt and test again in 1/2 hr. Get a comfort level if you personally run low blood pressure and are concerned it could go lower. It sounds like you may have an electrolyte issue. I have actually given sea salt water to people who's BP was dipping under 50. All disease is connected with dehydration . . . You need water and minerals. We were made from water and dirt/earth(sea salt-oceans over the dirt/earth. God spoke to me yrs ago when I dried up to a major disease. He spoke very loudly the 2 words 'SEA SALT'.

I believe you work on your electrolytes and you can take Diatomaceous earth (DE). Blessings, Sherry

Jun 13, 2018
Low blood pressure
by: Anonymous

I have very low blood pressure and you have been taking diatomaceous earth and it definitely lowers your blood pressure. I Googled found that sugar raise your blood sugar. I'm going to try it. I'm going to eat a couple of donuts everyday and see if my blood pressure is raised because I love diatomaceous earth

Jun 13, 2018
Coconut Oil Regulates Blood Pressure

Remember coconut oil regulates blood pressure.

If it's too high, it lowers it.
If it's too low it raises it.

Get some coconut oil in your diet rather than sugar. A great way is in oatmeal with butter, stevia, cinnamon, light salt, and a little cream :)


Jun 18, 2018
Sherry's Sea Salt Water NEW
by: Patty

Sherry -
You stated - I have actually given sea salt water to people who's BP was dipping under 50.

How is this sea salt water mixed?

Jun 25, 2018
well good for me NEW
by: Anonymous

i have anxiety in the craploads and have had 2 heart attacks because my blod pressure exeded 180 over some other number i was knocked out before i could register so this will help do i take it in water also kf you struggle tol anyone drink 1/4 a tbs. of the stuff does wonders short term

Dec 05, 2018
High blood pressure
by: Michelle

I have high blood pressure and I am on High blood pressure tablets. Can I take Diamateceous with the tablets or will it interfere with them?

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