3-Tray Worm Flow-Through, When to Add Second Tray

by Brendan

I have a 3 tray worm farm, the worms are doing good but when do i add the second tray as I am still on the first tray?

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May 03, 2013
When To Add a Second Tray to the Worm Bin
by: Pauly

Hey Brendan,

Great question and real easy to answer. When you see the castings are high enough to reach the next tray.

That's when you're ready to take it to the next level. Worms can still climb the sides if the they can't reach the next tray from the center.

It's just easier for all worms to make it up there.

Once you have a ton of worms (4-6 thousand or more) you can fill the tray up completely with bedding and food (especially goat manure) and let them "go to town".

Then just fill another tray again and keep stacking and storing (or using) the worm castings.

Thanks for posting,

May 04, 2013
Adding trays to worm farm
by: Professor90018@aol.com

I've been worm farming for three or four years now, and add another tray when the one I'm using gets full.

The new bin should rest about 1/2"-1" below the top of the one below when it is in place.

Also, the first worm tray should reveal quite a bit of finished compost. Even though you will still have worms in there working.

Sep 14, 2016
Second tray
by: Myles

Sorry my question is when the first tray reaches the second level what do i put in the second one I know food but do i start every level with sand a compost and food ???

Sep 14, 2016
What Foods to Add to the Second Worm Tray
by: Pauly

Hello Myles,

It's pretty much adding what you added in the beginning only NO paper or cardboard sheets on the bottom.

So IMO add plenty of moist shredded carbon in the form of paper or cardboard and a small handful of buried kitchen scraps. Add good amounts of minerals as well.

I personally use a mixture of aged, heated goat manure (to kill pathogens, insects, and seeds) shredded paper products, minerals, and the occasional kitchen scraps.

There are several ways to implement foods added to a tray system just always remember to add plenty of carbon and minerals.

This keeps the system well aerated and overall maintains a thriving population.

Thanks for the question Myles :)
~Pauly P

Jul 12, 2019
Soil in top layer
by: sue

I've just started my worm farm. My question is; when the worms start to make their way up to the top layer because the second one is full, and I encourage that with scraps of food, do I need to add soil once again to that top layer. I can't find any instructions that say to do this.

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