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Below is a list of several garden products to choose from. Gardening starts with the best compost nature can provide and the best compost comes from the best composting worms of course.

We guarantee our worms will arrive at your door alive and ready to start composting or we will ship another order to you "on us". Worm Farming Revealed is the place to get all your composting worms, garden worms and fishing worms as well as great garden products.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
If ordering worms from us, please read our worm shipping policies.

Caution: Before You Order Anything!

Before you order anything for composting with worms make sure you have as much information as possible. Many people jump in and fail their first time, including other professionals and even myself. Read the Free Worm Farming Guide or order the eBook below.

Composting Worms

Good for worm castings, bait worms and pet food.

Fishing Worms

The best fishing worm hands down is the Canadian Nightcrawler.

Garden Worms

Alabama Jumpers are great for poor or clay soil. Great for gardens.

The Worm Farming Revolution eBook

This book is all about raising 6 species of worms in many different ways for fertilizer, fishing bait, or recycling etc.

It's written by Pauly Piccirillo who has many years of experience in culturing worms for their beneficial castings.

A revolt against synthetic chemicals, GMO's, pollution, & high food prices has birthed a revolutionary phenomenon back to what our forefathers taught us. An almost lost art...


Printed Version Coming Soon!

Only $40.00

4-Pack Bundle

The Worm Farming Revolution Bundle is a 4-Pack e-Bundle that includes the Worm Farming Trilogy and 12 coloring pages.

This is a total of 366 pages of worm farming information worth $50. Get it today for


The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook
(Print Version)

The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity Book

Another WFR Product

The 44 Page Printable eBook includes 26 coloring pages and 14 "Bonus Feature" pages.

Great For: Teachers, Parents, and Nature Educators of all kinds.

Learn about the new Super Heroes of the Soil...

The Beneficials!

in the bonus pages


Worm Bins

Worm Factory &
Worm Factory 360

Absolutely one of the best worm composting units on the market.

Has the ability to house up to several thousand worms with expandable trays.

Able to turn any organic matter into usable Worm Castings for your plants. (with the help of worms of course)

The Worm Inn

A no-stoop flow-through worm bin system. Just grab castings from the bottom when you need them.

Comes in several colors and works outside or inside.

Order without the stand if you want to hang it. Just put any tub or bin underneath to collect the worm castings.

Garden Tower Terracotta

The Garden Tower

It's a planter and a worm composter all-in-one.

Holds 50+ plants while worms recycle your kitchen scraps into plant fertilizer

Extremely compact and great for patios, balconies or anywhere. Plant in the fall too!

A 55 gallon drum put to good use!

The UrBin Grower

Comes complete with TWO bins. This is a self watering container. Great for those living in apartments with limited space or no gardens.

Bedding, minerals, and DVD.

Coco Coir

  • Excellent as a plant growth medium or worm bedding
  • Promotes worm cocoon production
  • Aerates soil and worm bedding
  • Replaces perlite and rockwool
  • free of weeds and pathogens. Resists bacterial molds and Fungus.

Wonderful Bedding for Worms

Currently Not In Stock

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