Worm Coloring Pages

The worm coloring pages I have been promising.

This coloring book is intended to help get kids involved with worm composting all over the world (global worming) and to help them understand what composting worms like to eat and where they like to live.

Along with the kid's coloring, these pages have jokes, mazes, and illustrations that relate to the world of compost.

This is the first worm composting free coloring pages of its kind!

Parents can print the free coloring sheets for their children as they teach them the ways of the composting worm and how it plays a part in the natural recycling of organic material.

This helps kids have a more "hands-on" attitude to develop their skills and knowledge of the vermicomposting world.

These worm coloring sheets are free and in an easy PDF format to download and print for coloring or educational purposes at home or in a classroom setting. Just click on the link below to save to your computer and print.

All 12 coloring pages are together and you can print them off like a book. You can also print them Individually by clicking on the picture and going to that page. Tell me how you like the coloring pages below or any comments/suggestions you have about them.

This has been a long time coming and it would not have been possible without my daughter's creative mind and artistic hands. She has been very instrumental in helping me to grow this website to a point where kids can interact and gain an interest in learning about how worms can benefit the soil, plants and us.

"Kudos Ambrea for your thoughtful energy and long hours".
Love Dad

Download 12 Worm Coloring Pages Now!
(in PDF document)

You must have a PDF Reader to print coloring book

A New Set Of coloring Pages Coming Soon in 2016!

Click each image below to go to that coloring page for single print outs. I have my own input for each page you might find amusing.

New Worm Coloring Pages Coming Soon!

Below are 12 new and improved coloring pages that will be available soon to purchase. They will be added to the older pages above to make up the 24 page "Worm Farming Coloring & Activity Book". This will include the 12 pages above.

Click on the Image to enlarge.

Come Back real soon to Download the new pages :)


If you like the coloring pages then you'll love the fun facts too!

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What do you think about the pages?

Tell me how you like the coloring pages or any other thoughts? Share it!

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I think your daughter very gifted and very creative. Each coloring page seems to be authentic and original. I think every kid that does this would …

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I colored every single worm coloring page and my favorite one is the worm tea coring page, the one with the broccoli where everyone is lined up to get …

My daughter's worm coloring page. Not rated yet
My daughter just brought this to me the other day and I thought I would share it with everyone. If you want to share your coloring pages too. Just upload …

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