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If you've never heard of the term "Worm Farming" then it may seem like a silly, eccentric hobby created to study the natural habits of worms.

Well that may be true to some degree, but the truth, meaning, and reason behind this quirky little phrase may be one of the greatest yet simplest technological awakenings to hit the agricultural industry since the invention of the world's most "successful failure"...synthetic fertilizers.

No matter what gardening method you use, the fact is, you WILL need worm castings (worm poop) in order to give plants the proper food they were created to feed on. Worm castings are as natural to plants as breast milk to a new born baby.

This is one of the reasons why worms are found moving in and out of the root systems of plants. They deposit the rich, microbial fertilizer that plants depend on for optimal health.

Strong healthy plants start with a good foundation and the best natural method to building that good foundation is with worm castings and worm tea.

I grow abundant and tasty food without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. I've returned to the founding principles of successful gardening.

You too can improve the quality of your plants naturally by recycling your kitchen scraps. Simply feed it to the worms.

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Every picture you see is from my garden and all thanks to worms and understanding nature's design. This is what I do, not just say.

Again, Congratulations and Welcome :) ~Pauly

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