The Beneficials!
Heroes of the Soil
(2017 Project)

Introducing...The Beneficials! Another Worm Farming Revealed learning product.

We are currently working on The Beneficials storybook for children. It will be entertainingly educational for kids AND adults. We're planning another KickStarter Project and this story will be available as...

  • Full-Color Storybook with several professionaly illustrated pages
  • Coloring Book based on the illustrated pages
  • Audio Book narrated with cinematic music score
  • Video storybook narrated by Pauly Piccirillo (author)
  • The Beneficials eBook
  • The Beneficials Coloring eBook
The Beneficials - Heroes of the Soil

You've seen them in the Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook.




Bigger, Stronger, and Super-Charged!!! 


We live in a world of processed foods. Even though we're currently experiencing a rise in natural home-grown produce, manufactured foods, which are filled with chemical fertilizers (poison), are also increasing.

Many have already discovered how to create the best soil to grow food. I've already written those books for adults

However, our future lies in the next generation (Gen-Z or iGen) to carry the torch of truth. I WHOLLY believe this generation will be the generation of TRUTH seekers.

Amidst mounds of fake news, misinformation, and politically-motivated products/agendas, the task will be monumental for our children and grandchildren. Sometimes the TRUTH can emerge and stare them straight in the face without them ever knowing ;)

This storybook will do JUST THAT! 

While they're watching, listening, or reading this fascinating story about how the soil works, it'll be planting seeds of truth they'll grow to appreciate, and hopefully one day, practice or be sympathetic to.

Stay tuned for more about The Beneficials story update and plot/synopsis.

More to come...

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