The Worm Farming Revolution Bundle
(A 4-Pack digital download, $10 Off)

The Worm Farming Revolution Bundle is a 4-Pack e-Bundle that includes the Worm Farming Trilogy and 12 coloring pages.

This is a total of 366 pages of worm farming information worth $50. Get it today for

4-Pack Bundle
Only $40.00

The Worm Farming Revolution Bundle

The Trilogy includes The Worm Farming Revolution, The Worm Farming Presentation, & Worm Farming Revealed's Secret Recipe. On top of that, you'll get 12 worm farming coloring pages for kids.

Here is a short description of the products. Please click the links to learn more. The Worm Farming Revolution eBook

The 241 pg eBook

Every gardener, fisherman, or recycler should have this eBook installed on their device. It's packed with charts, print-outs, terms, and everything you need to know to raise worms for healthy plants. Go read the reviews.


The Worm Farming Presentation

This is a 36 slide presentation and comes with a 37 page "slide guide" for the presenter. Speak with authority. Completely editable too.


WFR's Secret eRecipe

WFR's Top Secret Recipe

for Large, Healthy, Pest Resistant Plants.

This is my personal recipe & methodology, That I use every year all in 40 pages. You'll never garden the same again!


12 Pages 

Worm Farming Coloring Pages

These pages were designed specifically by a kid for kids interested in composting. You'll be able to print any page or all of them as many times as you want.

Learn about the Heroes of the Soil in the The Coloring


The Full 44 Page Coloring & Activity eBook

Learn about the Heroes of the Soil in the The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook.

Not only will kids learn about worms and what they can do for plants and gardens, but they'll learn about what soil really is. It's alive and teaming with Super Heroes.


752 Pages!

Learn - Apply - Teach
Have Fun!

  1. The Worm Farming Revolution Paperback
  2. The Worm Farming Revolution eBook
    v 2.0+
    80 pg Biz Guide

  3. The Worm Farming PowerPoint Presentation
  4. The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook
  5. WFR's Secret Recipe

Coming Soon!

4-Pack Bundle Ordering Process

  • Products available for immediate download.
    (Portable Document Format) Readable on most devices.
  • Products will be in a ZIP File that contains 5 files:

    1. The 241 pg Worm Farming Revolution PDF file

    2. The Worm Farming Presentation & Slide Guide in
    Microsoft Power Point

    3 Worm Farming Revealed's Secret Recipe

    . 12 worm farming coloring pages in PDF, Printable
  • You may need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat reader, but many PDF readers and devices will work. You'll also need Microsoft Power Point or equivalent for the presentation.
  • All files are in English and available in most countries.
  • Your purchase will help support future information.
  • If you have any questions about the product contact us.

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