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The Beneficials Update - Exciting News!
September 20, 2019

The Beneficials Update, Exciting News!

In this issue...

1. The Beneficials update, exciting news, and is Hermi going to Hollywood?

2. Poop Scoop Back issues, Lots of info.

3. The Elite Worm Breeding Course - Open enrollment could be ending soon. Time is running out!

Greetings My Worm Farming Heroes,

It's time once again for me to give you the scoop on what's happening in the world of Worm Farming Revealed and beyond. So, let me begin with...


I've been incognito for quite some time now, but for good cause.

As some of you may know, I've been quietly working (on a special project) at bringing the message of Healthy Soil to anyone who wants to depend on natural methods to grow food and medicine. I wrote books and created a website to do just that.

It's a subject that affects recyclers, gardeners, composters, self- sustainers and most of all, my fellow Worm Farmers :) including: anyone who tries to grow anything from the ground.

For years I've been struggling on how to connect us worm farmers and gardeners to the the rest of the world, and on a much grander scale. How would I get them to see and except us better.

In 2017 I decided to take a different approach in reaching out to share my journey. I decided to try to break into the entertainment industry and go Hollywood.

I knew if I wanted to reach a bigger audience, it would have to be on a different platform. I would create a message that would tickle the eyes and ears of viewers, but secretly plant seeds of knowledge about how nature REALLY works.

I would have to go straight for the heart.

It's the reason I created The Beneficials!

I want people to enjoy the 20+ characters and our main character (a worm, Hermi), follow his journey, and fall in love with real superheroes - Heroes of the Soil.

First, The Sad News...

I ran 3 campaigns (Kickstarter, Barnraiser, and WFR website) to get funds for creating an illustrated video book.

I was able to raise $1,600, then dumped in several thousand dollars of my own along with the funds of products and affiliations from the website.

Why so much?

It takes a lot of cash for professional word editing, illustrations, voice-overs, Hollywood background music, (25 albums total), etc., not cheap! I wanted everything to be spectacular. I wanted YOU to absolutely LOVE IT as much as I.

However, I just couldn't get enough support from the community as I could for The Worm Farming Revolution books. I don't know why but That's okay. It might actually be a blessing.

My ultimate intention was to take it to the big screen someday. So, due to my "failure", decided to reformat the story (a little) and create a screenplay in the likeness that Pixar would love! But really, one that WE would love. I just decided to go straight to the top!

What happened to the 1,000's of dollars spent? It's all gone to get the story to this very point. Your donations and products purchased has built a strong foundation going forward.

Now, The Exciting News!

Recently, I received a letter announcing my screenplay had placed 1st in the coveted 2019 Moondance International Film Festival just above two finalists. It's a WINNER!

Moondance has the ability and access to networks such as, Oxygen Media (Oprah's), HBO Films, Disney, and 100's more. They're going to help get the story to a producer that likes it. However, I'm NOT in a hurry. I want it to be the right fit. The more passion and support, the better it'll be.

The Beneficials is currently in several other festivals and in InkTip magazine along with many other newsletters around the world. It's also getting good feedback from industry pros who've been reading it.

This is only the beginning for The Beneficials, AND It's OUR story. This is the story of ALL OF US and why we do what we do.

However, this is not a Done-Deal. Hollywood is extremely competitive, picky, nervous, flighty, and a whole host of issues. It will take many things to fall into place. It may be a great story, but that doesn't mean a producer is ready to fund it.

I still have a long, hard road ahead, but this award will help gain the recognition to be in front of over 15,000 producers, studios, agents, etc. Worldwide.

Now, For those that HAVE supported the story through a donation, I am extremely thankful and wouldn't be here as quickly. It's because of you that the illustrations are created. So, I would like to send you the screenplay to read. I'll follow up in an email to you later.

If you're a producer or know of anyone with connections contact Pauly with info/contact resources. I'll make sure you get credit for the connections.

I really believe this will be a tide that lifts all boats in many agricultural industries (not just worm farming) in the day this story goes to the big screen. The great thing is, we're already making great strides at getting there, due to your own hard work and message. Thank you!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would write a Hollywood script when I became a vermicomposter. I never imagined there would be...Worm Farming - THE MOVIE!

BUT Yeah Baby! We're goin' there... :D

Like I said, It'll be a long road or mountain to get over. Many things still need to fall into place and ironed out. It may be tough but it's EXCITING!

Thank you community for your hard work in this industry and keep it up. I'll keep you updated as best I can.

If you'd like to help support the story, even though you have not read it, Please share this newsletter with everyone ethically.

Watch the 60 sec. Video Trailer and See Illustrations

You can also buy The Beneficials T-Shirt from Amazon. It will help The Beneficials get into more festivals and create more illustrations to promote the story and find a producer. We need an immense amount of exposure at this time. Everything I do or money I make online, goes to fund The Beneficials project.

If anything I've ever done in worm farming, books, videos, and website is about this very moment, it was all worth it. BUT remember, it's only the beginning.

2. If you're a new subscriber and you've missed past issues of the worm Poop-Scoop newsletter, you can find a lot of great info about worms, bins, etc. here: Back issues

3. Elite Worm Breeding Course - Open enrollment could be ending soon.

Fall is nearly here in the northern hemisphere. It's one of the best times for worm entrepreneurs to ramp up their breeding bins to pump out mass amounts of worms for the spring season.

Although worms are purchased throughout the year, end of winter and springtime is ALWAYS the biggest sales period. Everyone is thinking gardening, plants, natural soil amendments, worm castings, and even...WORMS.

Larry Shier (a very good friend) created this about a year ago and it has been very well received. He told me he'll only be able to keep it open a little while longer as he has several people in training and already making money within a few months of taking the lessons.

I don't know how long he'll keep it open. It may be a couple of months or till end of year. Maybe even sooner than that.

I would be remiss if I didn't disclose that info to you (as a WFR subscriber) for those that have been pondering going that route. I would include the dozens of testimonies to the course, but the newsletter would be too long.

His course is so successful he's offering a 110% money back guarantee. Say What?

You still have time to take the Elite Worm Breeding Course, start learning, read, watch his videos, and make money from something you're already passionate about as a hobbyist.

That's how I started, all from my passionate hobby. Now I'm completely amazed at where I am now, all cause I wanted to better myself, then show others how to do it.

Use Promo Code WFR20 for a 20% discount. I'll also email you my 450 pg. Worm Farming Revolution 4-Pack Bundle as a BONUS. You will completely be overwhelmed with useful information AND entertainment.

AND when you're a real worm breeder and ready to make money, list your company in the WFR Worm Directory/Buy Worms Locally (for FREE) with over 100 worm vendors in the USA and all over the world. Get found instantly and make the sales.

Read all about it here

All funds are directed toward The Beneficials project.

You can also get a free Worm Farming Revolution eBook emailed to you with the purchase of The Urban Worm Bag 2.0

The eBook has lots of info you won't find on the website. No need to sift through misinformation. Let my Garden Pics prove I put my money where my mouth is.

AND remember there's LOTS of info, Over 600 pgs, at the website Worm Farming Revealed

Bless you all and Grow Something Amazing!

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