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The Poop Scoop, The Worm Farming Revolution Begins and Winners Revealed
September 11, 2014

Let The Worm Farming Revolution Begin and Winners Revealed

Welcome to another issue of the Poop Scoop.  Where it's my ultimate goal to Teach, Inspire & Empower you to become the best worm farmer you can be...Plus a lot more!!!

 In This Issue...

1. I'm introducing the winners of the Worm Farming Systems Event, which has spawned...

2. The Worm Farming Community R-evoL-ution


1. The Worm Farming System Event WINNERS! Revealed

We just wrapped up the BIG Worm product giveaway event which, I won't even bother explaining what it was about as we all know by now ;) I didn't get as many entries as I had hoped for but that doesn't mean it wasn't a success. It was a tremendous success! :)

I use quite a few sophisticated tools for analyzing the pages at the Site (which helps me know what you want to read) and for the sake of keeping this short, each page entry was viewed an average of just over 300 times for just the month of August.

We don't know how many people this is helping as most visitors get their information and then move on. But if others are leaving a positive comment then that means many others are grateful for your contribution too. I understand though. Who really has that much time to leave a positive comment everywhere they go right? But those that do leave one makes it all feel worth it.

Which brings me to next "worth it" part. I thank each and everyone who entered their system and I am sorry that I can't give every entry an award but you should really feel good about donating your time and effort as I'm sure you will get many comments and questions in the future. Who knows! You may have even sparked a multi-million dollar idea ;)

Anyway! Without Further Ado...

1st place: Karen from Redding, California
Rolling Under-the-Kitchen-Island-Worm Bin for Apartment Living

I know, long name, but it really says what it's all about. It doesn't surprise me to see more and more tight-spaced city folks getting into container gardening with the price of food going up and up every few months. Which is one of the reasons why I'm testing out my own container garden. Karen's roll-around idea is simple, easy to put to use, and cheap which is why I think she got the overall best score. She is extremely excited!!!

Karen got her choice of anything from the WFR Website and has opted for two Urbin growers to sit right on her dresser. She's extremely excited!!! Oh Yeah! I just love eating in bed ;) Ha Ha! She also gets a full page article written about her, her worm system, the urbin growers, and experiments she is doing. Oh! did I mention that she's extremely excited!!!  ;D  Great going Karen!

2nd place: Egg Bear from Ireland
Continuous Flow-Through Bin

Egg's trashcan (trash in, cast out) entry was one of my favorites and I've always wanted to build one. I bit more costly than "Karen's Kitchen Kart" ;) but well worth the initial investment for the amount and ease of castings harvesting. The worms do all of the work in this design.

Egg Bear lives in Ireland and unfortunately it's too pricey to ship across the pond so he's generously donating it to someone or community that will benefit from it greatly. He is still currently looking for someone in the 48 states so if you know to whom he can have us send it to just let us know by replying to this email. Great going Egg and extremely thoughtful.

3rd went to: Connie from Washington State
Simple Garbage Can Worm Bins

Here's another system using garbage cans but what REALLY caught everyone's attention was Connie's method of "extracting" the worms from the bin. She uses material that she weaves into a net to "fish" the worms out. I called it the cheap, easy and ingenious worm separator. The "Ch-eas-enious" Worm Separator :) This may have been the actual factor that landed her 3rd place.

Connie will be receiving 1 lb. of red wigglers. Nice job Connie!

Here were all qualified entries:

  1. Simple Garbage Can Worm Bins

  2. Rolling Under-the-Kitchen

  3. Continuous Flow-Through Bin

  4. Tote Worm System

  5. Flow-Through Outdoor

  6. Cobs Worm Fridge
  7. My Successful Worm System

  8. Worm Bin Tumbler

Some of you really let me have it (lightly though) earlier this week. Last issue I stated that the voting was ending Sunday the 10th. Well Wednesday was the 10th but it still ended on Sunday which was stated several times on the website and in the newsletters. That's what I get for zombie typing and not having the wife proof-read (:( 

2. The Worm Farming Community R-

Okay you'll notice the word LOVE in Revolution. Yes, it was borrowed from a political campaign years ago, but I digress. It really does take a certain amount of passion to contribute to Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter etc... but that's just the way we worm farmers are. Helping and being helped.

The Worm Farming Community web pages are finally taking shape thanks to the recent upload-your-own worm farming systems test "pilot" event that we just talked about above. We have a few pages already but still have a long way to go. This will be (as far as I know) the first of its kind other than the great people in various social networking groups.

You see, unlike a closed group like Facebook, the WFR's web pages are static. This means they don't move around, they don't get lost, and don't get buried under a ton of posts. It sticks permanently and can be found easily, especially when doing a search in a search engine. Just like if someone wanted to do a search for a "successful worm system" then they're very likely to find it on WFR for years to come.

This is because Google favors it more and more as people come to it, share it, spend a "certain" amount of time on it, link to it, come back to it again, and on and on to the same page. (Google's algorithm not mine) So your page will rank higher in the search engines depending on people's behavior towards that page. I wish it were as easy as making a page and stuffing it with keywords. Nope! long gone are those days. So why am I telling you this.

Because this becomes extremely important if you are a worm farmer wanting to list with WFR or are just wanting to share your knowledge and use us as an avenue to help others learn something that you know. That's part of what a community is and the meaning behind the name "Revealed"

So, again, who are these pages for? THEY ARE FOR YOU the "Community". You only need to use your imagination when wanting to know ANYTHING AT ALL concerning worm farming.

If you have something you want to teach, share, show or ask us then just simply upload it to the website for the world to see and BAM! It remains there for years to come. People will be able to ask you questions and comment on your contribution to the community and build upon that entry hopefully perfecting your idea for themselves too, but only if you want to respond of course as some feel it uncomfortable. You do not have to answer. You can quietly share your knowledge and watch the wheels turn ;)

You might be an expert, beginner, seller, buyer, story teller, inventor, problem solver, experimentalist, etc... Anything at all to help you or the community become a better worm farmer, composter, gardener, fisher, or recycler so...

If you would like to share something that maybe only you might know that no one else does or anything at all then please help and be helped at The Worm Farming Community.

This is only the beginning of a ground-roots "Revolution" in worm farming.

"From Synthetic Thinking to Organic Doing"
~Pauly Piccirillo

To Teach, Inspire & Empower you to become the best worm farmer you can be...Plus a lot more!!!

Please share this email with anyone!

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