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Worm Composting and Plants - Can We Hold Hands? :)
January 26, 2018

Worm Composting and Plants

I Want to Hold Your Hand

I'll make this newsletter quick!

If you'd like to receive a free download on everything I've authored,

1. The Worm Farming Revolution - 2018's Largest Practical Vermicomposting Bible

2. Worm Farming Revealed's Secret Recipe

3. The Worm Farming Presentation

4. The Worm Farming Coloring and Activity eBook

5. Plus, the paperback version of The Worm Farming Revolution mailed to you.

Then have I got a deal (really a proposition) for YOU!

I know many of you have emailed me (along with great reviews) with kind words concerning the help you have received from the books, emails, etc. Thank you for your response. It's one of the best things that keep me teaching, inspiring, and empowering so many of you.

So, here's what I'd like to do for spring of 2018.

I'm looking for 3 people that would like to hold hands with me :)

I know what you're thinking, but I'm just NOT into long distance relationships. HA! HA! ;)

I'd like to send 3 people all the books, at my cost, PLUS my one-on-one help for the growing season. In return, I'd love your story on my website showing how I helped you culture worms and grow amazing plants.

That's IT!

I'm reminded of the time the BBC reached out to ME asking if they could follow me with a camera. Their show is The World's Toughest Jobs. Read it Here!.

Although gardening isn't easy (not when you go as big as I do), it can become a lot easier when it's done naturally. It definitely isn't the world's toughest job, but might be one of the most rewarding.

But this really isn't hard if you're doing it already. You might only need to tweak a few things here or there. If you're interested, hit the reply button and get back with me.

If you're doubtful I can help, I'd think my Garden Pics speak for themselves.

HOWEVER, you must meet a few prerequisites before you contact me. Here are the prerequisites.

1. You must be culturing worms for a year or more.

2. You must have a garden

3. You must have accumulated enough worm castings for your garden.

4. You must read and follow my recipe and methodology exactly or closely.

All of this involves...

1. Using different types of minerals,

2. Using the correct mixing ratios of castings and other growth medium,

3. Brewing aerated worm tea exactly the way I explain it in the books.

If you think you meat these criteria for Worm Composting and Plants and you...

A) Want to download everything in my arsenal, FREE,

B) Want to be even more successful in your garden and with culturing worms, and

C) Want to be featured on my website for the life of the website,

Then I want to HOLD YOU HAND!

It doesn't matter what you grow. It can be food, flowers, or even Cannabis. Wait...WHAT! :O

Just hit the reply button or contact me to let me know you're interested. I'm looking for a budding, beautiful relationship with YOU! ;)

One last thing. You must live in the USA during the spring planting and growing season of 2018. I know and I'm sorry. Also, it may take a some time to respond as the emails can be overwhelming. Thank You!

Have a happy season and Grow Something Amazing! ~Pauly

P.S. Thank you to everyone who supported The Beneficials project. It saddens me to tell you it was unsuccessful, but I have NOT given up.

Read the latest campaign update to find out where we go next! for producing...

The story line,

The DVD's,

The Books,

The CD Narrations,

The Vimeo Streaming, and

More ;)

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