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Why Use DE in a Worm Bin? PLUS, Project Update Video
August 22, 2018

Why Use DE in a Worm Bin? Plus, Project May Come To a Halt

DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

Greetings Fellow Vermicomposters,

In this issue...

1. Why Use DE in a Worm Bin?

2. Beneficials Project May Come to a Halt

3. The Passing of a Worm Pioneer

4. Say Hello to Emily

5. Sale on the Urban Worm Bag


I recently wrote another page about Diatomaceous Earth that I felt needed some more clarification and a bit more simplification as well.

It's titled Understanding Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

There are countless reasons for using DE in almost every aspect of life, but the main reasons for using DE in a Worm bin are...

1. Nutrition

2. Grit (for gizzards)

3. Ridding the worm system of overpopulated organisms

There are natural ways to rid your worm system of unwanted populations of flies or organisms that have become out of control, but if you need to act fast, DE is the fastest way to do this. Adding small amounts for nutritional reasons or just for grit can be very beneficial too.

Throttling the nitrogen food sources and maintaining a good amount of carbon is the best way to keep "pests" at a minimum. Of course, maintaining proper temps and moisture is important as well.

I'm such a believer of this mineral, that although I've been hit hard from critics (who still don't know what DE is and have never felt it in between their fingers), it still amazes me enough to brag about it and write many great pages about it.

Head over to the page and read about some of the myths I dispel about Diatomaceous Earth and start using it in your worm bins and pretty much everywhere else in your life.


I'd like to give you an update on The Beneficials Project.

This will be (quite literally) my last plea for your help or I may have to put it off till the foreseeable future.

Please checkout...

1. Donate Video Promo (a message from me)

2. The Beneficials Web page

3. Donate to The Beneficials

This has been dubbed the "Project of My Life" because it just simply IS. Everything that I have been doing in the worm, gardening, and recycling world has all come down to this MAJOR story.

Yes, I wrote a very big vermicomposting book (some call it the worm farming Bible), but if I could put my gardening, farming, and vermicomposting life into a story wrapped up in education, revelation, destination, and purpose, it looks every bit like the 2-HR video book The Beneficials.

I know to some of you it just seems like a story book for kids. I get that, but I TOTALLY guarantee you it is MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!! especially written from the eyes of a nearly 50 year old grandpa telling his successful story.

This story IS entertaining for adults just like you would enjoy an animated one on the big screen. If you're currently vermicomposting now, this story will further promote what you're doing and it will HAVE YOUR BACK!

I believe in this story so much that I have invested hundreds of hours of my time, money, energy, and even some tears. For most of you, this is YOUR story too. I just hate that I can't tell you more about the plot without spoiling it :) Go to The Beneficials page to read the plot.

So far, we've spent a few thousand just to get to this point, about half-way completed. I only want to do this right, because the more professional it is, the farther it will go into every ear and turn desire into action. It also has a better chance of getting into the right Hollywood connections. Can you imagine vermicomposting on THIS platform?

I have no doubt that this story will wake up those who didn't know they were asleep. It won't just be planting a seed but watering it and harvesting as well. It's why I've decided to purchase...

1. Licensing to professionally-timed music. It was NOT easy slogging through thousands of tracks to find the perfectly-timed score for the entire story. 25 albums (yes, albums) were purchased. I must use them within a year or forfeit the license. Purchase DONE!

2. Professional narration - I was able to get a well-known voice-over for Pizza Hut, NFL, HP, and many more name-brand companies. Still working on more connections. In Progress

3. Professional Word Editing - I used Gene Hult who has worked with many well-known publishers and...

Gene's work dates back 20 years and has written over 115 books, edited, and has been involved with books such as...

Shrek 2, Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2, The Batman, Teen Titans, Clifford, Maya and Miguel, Tonka, Duel Masters, Barbie, Krypto, G.I. Joe, Care Bears, Trollz, Rescue Heroes, Strawberry Shortcake, Dragon Ball Z, Green Lantern, plus many more. DONE!

4. Will be purchasing high-end sound effects. In Progress

5. Write the Story DONE!

6. Most of All... Create many more Illustrations. Very time-consuming and biggest expense. In Progress

AND...all still has to be thrown onto to tracks for recording.

Sorry this update has turned out longer than I expected, but I really thought this project would be nearly completed by now. Truth is, the funding has been a very slow drip due to the unsuccessful Kickstarter and unsuccessful Barnraiser campaigns for The Beneficials.

If this newsletter falls on deaf ears, the project may come to a screeching halt. Although you know I DON'T QUIT!

My regular job as a cleanup/trashout service was hit hard by a change in the banking industry this year. Regular life has been financially hard this summer, so the project has been throttled quite extensively. But I’ve come WAY TOO FAR to give up now or get down in the dumps and YOU have the opportunity to help me one last time. Every dime from Worm Farming Revealed products is going into The Beneficials until the project has lift. WFR though, can’t solely fund this.

So I'm turning to my most trusted followers and you are my last hope, as well as my inspiration. For that, I want to reward you for trusting & supporting me since 2010.


1.. If you donate $10 or more, I will send you the Vimeo download link when the project is completed. For those that have already donated to the past failed Beneficials campaigns (even though you spent nothing and I received nothing) will STILL get the Vimeo download link when the project is finished as my token of appreciation for you believing in me and the message at the time I ran those campaigns. Yup, some of you will get it simply for believing in me.

Your faith in me means MORE than you can ever imagine.

2. For those that donate $250 will get their name in the credits and a poster (like you saw in the video promo link above)

3. For those that donate $500 or more will get name in credits, a poster, plus 3 months advertising across 600 of my webpages to promote your business/worm products.

We currently have $1,650 of $5,000 but I really think I can complete the rest of the project under budget. $5,000 is all I need left to bring The Beneficials to every screen in the world.

I’ve searched hard and can’t find a project like this one, anywhere. I believe in it so much that I really think it will be animated someday, but we have to start somewhere and it MUST be done the right way no matter how long it takes.

Thanks for listening to me and for believing in a story that will help reconnect people back to nature and the land and to help communities to GROW SOMETHING AMAZING!

Please share the Video Donate Promo Link, The Beneficials Web page, or Beneficials Donate Page with anyone you think will benefit from and can help.


On a very sad note, the worm farming community lost a wonderful and dedicated pioneer lately. Jerry “The Worm Dude” Gach passed away about a month ago.

He was the inventor of the original Worm Inn and Worm Inn Mega vermicomposting bags. I’ve known Jerry since 2010, had a lot of email exchanges, and he REALLY knew his stuff. I know he had future plans for his Worm Inn and it was featured in the Worm Farming Revolution book.

His invention started quite a few spin offs, and because of Jerry, his Worm Inn, and those spin-offs, the lives of thousands of people have been greatly improved.

Thank you Jerry!

He Will Be Missed so much that I have dedicated a small part to him in The Beneficials story.


On a much lighter note...

I would like to introduce someone new, but NOT so new, to the community. Her name is Emily Leuba “The Crazy Worm Lady”.


She has a website and a blog – Plus, a Youtube channel: The Crazy Worm Lady with several educational videos. We all know why she’s crazy, because she loves worms, but once everyone finds out WHY we love worms so much, WE’RE generally the sane one.

I don’t want to spoil anything. So, please go check her out and you’ll learn some things she’s been sharing.


That’s all for now.

We’ll be shipping worms again in September and Steve Churchill has his Urban Worm Bag on Sale for only $99 while supplies last.

If you purchase through the link above, my commission will go toward The Beneficials project.

Have wonderful end of summer and I’ll see you in the fall.

Vermicompost, Recycle, & Grow Something Amazing! ~Pauly

You can always contact me by replying to this newsletter or contact us.


Follow the Beneficals page or donate page (updated financial report) or catch the next issue to find out how things are coming along.

Oh! AND I don't know why we like middle names so much, but if you have a crazy worm middle name, then you might be a worm farmer :)

If You...You Might Be a Worm Farmer Thanks for the inspiration Foxworthy ;)

~Pauly "Dr. Worm" Piccirillo

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