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The Poop Scoop Newsletter, Kick Starter Project Coming!
September 11, 2015

Welcome to another issue of the Poop Scoop.  Where it's my ultimate goal to Teach, Inspire & Empower you to become the best worm farmer you can be...Plus a lot more!!!

My Apologies...
First of all, I want to apologize for the low outcome in newsletter issues this year. Most of my energy has been focused on writing The Worm Farming Revolution book which started at the end of last year, finished at the beginning of spring and has been a long road to getting it into a printed version.

I have learned, just like building a website, that a book is no different in that the main person that will promote the book is the author, no matter if you go with a well known publisher. So I've been doing much behind the scenes work and this is what this newsletter is about.

For those that would like to follow me and get the latest updates then please sign up at the links below. I update there more often as it's not quite as easy to get a newsletter out. Thank you for your understanding.

The Worm Farming Revolution Book, Kick Starter Project

If you've followed me on Facebook then you already know about the Kick Starter project. I have decided to run a campaign to get the book into print because it not only will raise funds for a full-colored print version BUT it will raise the awareness to the benefits of worm composting.

Everyday I see more and more people frustrated, sick, and just plain tired of the status quo when it comes to high food prices, especially the "organic" foods. It's not enough to get hit with sticker shock, but just knowing that the expensive crap you buy from the grocery store is full of synthetic compounds gives you a sick feeling in your gut (literally).

One of the reasons for writing the book was to give something of value to people looking for answers. You know I have tons of free information already at the Website and in many YouTube videos. But the book is filled with so much more. WHY!

Because most people don't treat information as valuable if they didn't have to pay for it. All of the free information available on the website now is skimmed over and then forgotten right along with other Sites. I'm not saying everyone does this but when you're bombarded by ads, products, & information on a daily basis all day long then it becomes watered down just like everyone else's and will, in time, be forgotten. It's so hard to know who to trust or who just wants your hard-earned money.

However, writing it down, preserving it, and giving someone truth to hold between their fingers makes the words feel weighty and also like they have something of value to hold in their hands and to even set on their shelf to preserve. What I have to share has been tested for years and actually DOES work. You've seen the many testimonies.

What I have to share means something to those that are searching for answers and I don't want them to merely skip over, if even by accident. I want them to make a conscious decision to "BUY" something. This means that they'll have to sacrifice something so that when they receive the knowledge they will cherish it and hopefully teach it to others.

That's why I wrote the book. Do I want to make money? Yes! I would be lying if I told you I didn't. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time to be able to make money doing something that I love and I love nothing more but to help teach, inspire and empower people to get off their butt and DO SOMETHING for themselves! :) When I see or hear that their life has been completely changed for the better, it's a joy that could almost never be explained.

So if you're with me, even if you already know way more than I, then please help support the campaign, donate, or get the book for a friend or family member and from the bottom of my heart...Thank You!

This was posted on the Facebook Page...

The Worm Farming Revolution is Coming to Kick Starter!!!

YES! There are many many methods of gardening but one fact will always remain. You need great, dependable, and proven fertilizer no matter how you decide to grow your plants and there's no better fertilizer than what worms can produce. That's why they're found at the base of plants, right?

Many of you know of the eBook already available but most of you still want something of value to hold in your hands. I get it and feel the same way. So I've been consulting with a publisher and have decided to raise the funds, as well as the awareness to the benefits of worm castings.

The Kick Starter project is not up and running yet BUT you will be able to get a sneak peak of the project & rewards through the link below as though it is running. Also feel free to comment on the project. I'll announce to you when the project has a "green light" so stay tuned. In the meantime make sure you view the rewards. I'll be adding to it as I go.

Thanks all! Now get ready...get set...KICK IT!

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To Teach, Inspire & Empower you to become the best worm farmer you can be...Plus a lot more!!!

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